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6 warning signs you are suffering from severe stress

Stress seems to have become the problem can not be avoided in social life today. If you get to know early warning signs the body is suffering from severe stress, you can avoid many serious problems.

You may not know but in fact stress there are two types of is stress and bad stress good privacy is:

• Stress is good (eustress): Stress help inspire, promote and enhance work performance.

• Stress bad (distress): Stress makes you exhausted, restless and bad effects to health.

Stress with low degree will not be too harmful for the body because it is a normal reaction of the body against negative situations, physical or mental. Conversely, the stress would adversely affect your health in degree from mild to severe.

You let Hello Doctor learn the warning signs your body is under heavy stress in order to timely adjust it.

1. Under heavy stress leads to digestive problems

Stress can manifest into various signs health alarming for the body. Many case you suffer from excessive stress can lead to digestive problems as different as constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea…

Stress response will cause the pressure, change the digestive system so energy is shifted to cope with stressful situations. When stress becomes too severe or occurs frequently, the body will not be able to recovery to optimal functioning. This affects normal functioning of the digestive system, leading to series of problems such as burning, prolonged nausea, vomiting several times or even is syndrome vomiting cyclic.

Condition eating according to emotions negative impact on the digestion for those who eat when anxious are prone to indigestion and bloating. Therefore, you should take the time to relax before meals to improve the symptoms related to the digestive system.

You can find out more: 7 ways to help you improve the digestive system in a natural way.

2. Under heavy stress makes you lose hair

In the normal state, even when there is relaxed mood most every day, you will still lose some amount of hair significantly. However, stress and hair loss can affect each other if the anxiety problems, prolonged and repeated often.

Stress can cause hair loss by 3 mechanisms:

Hair loss disease (Alopecia Areata): When a large amount of hair suddenly fall from the scalp.

• Hair loss type TE (Telogen Effluvium): When the amount of hair loss many to about 70%.

• The disease of addiction to pulling my hair (Trichotillomania): a Disease that makes you urge to want to break his hair.

The this condition can last up to several months after you’ve experienced the event that caused stress previously. Some experience sad have an impact on the psychological common is losing jobs, losing loved ones, broken in romance…

To limit the risk of hair loss, you need to actively protect and take care of the hair from step choose the suitable shampoo to the scalp. You should regularly massage the scalp gently with coconut oil, rosemary or lavender… to help reduce the amount of hair loss.

3. Under heavy stress impair memory

Although sometimes you can be somewhat absent-minded, or forget this and that, but impaired memory clearly is not a condition that you should take lightly. When feel memory decline, you might find yourself forgetting the details from small to large, and attention concentration is also significantly reduced.

The condition of memory impairment is a serious consequence of stress and anxiety occurs in most people when the body produces the hormone cortisol a way excessive. Many studies show the stress hormone cortisol extremely harmful for the functioning of the brain and can increase the risk of memory decline. This problem also leads to mass diseases such as depression, impaired learning ability, weight difficult to control…

The brain needs additional nutrients needed to grow each day. A number of familiar food daily can help you boost your memory and improve your concentration such as eggs, honey, butter, salmon, leafy greens dark green…

4. Is stress causing severe nosebleeds

Status of epistaxis or nose bleed occurs when there is physical impact of the nose is hurt or also may be because you are suffering from severe stress. The changes in temperature, habitat or other unhappy event occurs that can trigger the condition, severe stress. Then, blood pressure will rise high combined with nasal membranes too dry will cause the veins and capillaries tearing and bleeding.

When find yourself a nosebleed, you don’t panic because it will make the condition worse, that’s all. Thing to do is let’s you control the car, practice sport regularly, restrict the drink contains caffeine to control stress effectively.

You can’t completely prevent complications epistaxis occurred, but the moisturizing the nose will help to reduce the risk of bleeding. You can nose drops or spray solution nasal spray and avoid blowing your nose or picking your nose too vigorously because it will cause irritation of the nose.

5. Under heavy stress makes you sweat

Body excessive sweating sometimes is a sign of severe stress that you re easy to ignore. Typically, you will sweat when the temperature rise or due to the exercise stimulates the activity of sweat glands exocrine (eccrine sweat glands).

However, when the body reacts with the condition suffering severe stress and sweat often will be secreted from the frontline secretion (apocrine glands). Sweat secreted from this gland usually denser, sweeter, as well as to create favorable conditions for bacteria development. This condition often occurs in areas that are more hairy as the genitals or the area under the arm.

You should pay attention to what kind of food and drink water intake per day because they can cause the body to sweat more. Spicy foods, hot wine and other drinks containing caffeine should be limited when you find yourself sweating more unusual.

6. Under heavy stress weakens the immune system

When your body to combat the stressor, the hypothalamic pituitary – organ effect against dangerous will start operation. In addition to cortisol, the hypothalamus pituitary gland also produces the neurotransmitters called catecholamines. Type of steroid hormone this will reduce the possibility of the activity of the immune system by sending the “cell combat” to fight dangerous happening to the body.

However, if stress happens too often and stretched, the other parts in the body will be lacking in the “cells fighting”. When her body will start to appear signs of weakness, vulnerable to infection and time to recover from the disease will also last longer.

You can apply how to strengthen the natural immune system through healthy lifestyle. The most important thing is that you should invest for a quality sleep for the body to recover and regain energy.

You can find out more: 10 natural ways to help you strengthen the immune system.

Pressure from work and daily life will cause you to encounter stress in many different levels. Don’t should to be severe stress started anxiety because your body will encounter more risk. You should soon find out causes of stress to find ways to control the effect, okay!

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