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6 the effect of egg shell that you could not bear to throw away

Not only the yolk and white of egg, a new nutritious that the shell also has a lot of benefits for good health. If you throw away the egg shell, you will miss the effect of egg shell as calcium supplements, taking care of plants, clean stains…

Eggshells are usually thrown away after use but this section still has so many effects you do not know. The effect of shell eggs is not only good for bone health that also helps trees grow very fast.

1. The effect of egg shell to help supplement the calcium

According to a 2005 study published in the Journal Science poultry Brazil (Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science), eggshells have up to 97% is calcium. You can use the amount of this calcium to maintain bone health and prevention of disorders related to the bones instead of drink, functional food calcium supplements.

A 2003 study published in the international Journal of Research clinical Pharmacology also said egg shell powder not only have more calcium but also contains fluoride and strontium. These are two substances that can help bone and cartilage health, more from it prevent and cure osteoporosis.

The calcium in the egg shell also reduces weakness and bone pain as well as increase bone density in patients with osteoporosis due to age. In addition, the calcium in egg shells can reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

You can find out more: preventing osteoporosis when new 20.

You can follow the steps to make food calcium supplement from egg shells and save money buy functional food to supplement calcium:

– Boiled shells of 12 eggs with heat to completely clean bacteria. When put egg shells into the pot, you need to separate the pieces of egg shell out in case the egg shell is lumps.

– Use a spatula to press for shell sink completely in water.

– After 5 – 6 minutes, you will notice foam accumulating in the pot. After the foam settles, you continue to boil the egg shells in 3 minutes.

– Remind the pot off the stove, pour water and take the egg shells out.

– It egg shells off the baking tray and in oven at a temperature of 200 degrees F (about 93 degrees Celsius) for 10 – 15 minutes to remove the eggs completely dry. In addition, you can also dry the egg shells in the microwave for a few minutes.

– Use hand-crushed eggshells and put into a blender, food in at the minute.

Every day, you can use about 5g functional food calcium supplement from egg shells. You also can mix a powder with water or fresh fruit juice to drink.

Your note should not take more than 5g powdered egg shells to avoid stomach irritation. In addition, you use the peel from organic eggs to ensure health.

2. The effect of egg shell help protect teeth

Tooth enamel contains the mineral substances that protect teeth are not weakened and cavities. However, the enamel layer back easy to damaged if you regularly drink beverages with sugar and caffeine or junk food. A research, 2015 published on Magazine Research and Clinical Diagnosis (Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research) said flour shell chicken eggs can help reconstruct the enamel in this case.

Toothpaste made from eggshells have more calcium and minerals that will help you strengthen and reconstruct tooth. You can make toothpaste from egg shells, follow the instructions below:

– Boiling, drying and then grinding into a powder peel 12 eggs according to the steps above.

– Mix the egg shell powder medium, mashed with a tablespoon of baking soda and 1 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil so that you get a smooth mixture evenly. You can also add 10 drops of peppermint oil if desired.

– Pour the mixture into a small jar and use the mixture to brush your teeth every morning.

3. The effect of egg shell helps to sweeten coffee

Using egg shells in coffee might sound strange but honestly this is how fresh coffee is quite good. Calcium carbonate alkalinity in the egg shell can reduce the acidity of coffee, so make coffee less bitter than. Moreover, the reduction of acidity in the coffee also helps to drink this healthier.

You just need to add 5g shell eggs were crushed or pureed into coffee powder you use and coffee as usual.

You can also mix the coffee grounds was used with the egg shell to fertilize the tree after drinking coffee done.

4. The effect of egg shell help take care of trees

Those who love gardening may have been buying fertilizer about laying up the tree to help the soil more fertile. But few know the eggshell is a type of fertilizer available and very cheap, you can take advantage of. Eggshells are 97% calcium carbonate and also contains other minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These minerals not only nourish the plants but also prevents the tree is damaged.

You can homemade fertilizer for the garden from the egg shell by the following:

– Boil and dry the peel 12 eggs to clean the shell of the egg. The twelve egg-shells will often be enough to fertilize about 2 – 4 trees.

– Crushed eggshells into a powder using a food blender or use a hand massage.

– Sprinkle the powdered eggshell onto the soil around the tree.

– Use the rake to mix the powder into the soil. You can also wear gloves to mix the soil by hand.

– Water to help peel eggs seep into the soil and provide nutrients for the better.

Fertilizer from eggshells can protect these types of trees are prone to damage when lack of calcium, such as tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. Fertilizer this also helps the seed has not developed better growth.

You can’t crush the egg shells into a powder that just sprinkle the egg shell crumbs around the tree to prevent insect. The sharp edges of the egg shell crumbs will make insects do not dare to go near the tree.

5. The effect of egg shell to help remove stains

The cup used for drinking coffee or tea often stain after a period of use. However, the replacement of a new mug when the cup old stain is somewhat wasteful and not necessary. To continue to use the cup familiar, you can bleach cup egg-shell by the following:

– Boiled, dried and minced 12 shell eggs.

– Diluted egg shell powder into warm water and then pour the water into this cup stain.

– To the water in the cup overnight. The stains will fade or disappear completely after a night.

6. The effect of egg shell help kids more creative

Egg shells can be very convenient if you have to play with the kids and need to keep the baby sit obediently and not be breaking loose. The baby will unleash your creativity, explore and play in a fun way with the egg shells if you know how to play. A game with shell eggs be both fun and very rewarding is to teach children to grow plants in egg shells. You let baby follow the following steps:

– You boil and dry the egg shells thoroughly.

– The decorative shell according to creativity and his imagination with paint, markers, stickers…

– Wait for the paint on the egg shell dry.

– You add a little woodland stars for the land occupies slightly more than half the egg shell.

– Added two pea or a little seed planting grass on the ground.

– Sprinkle a soil to fill the seed and then watered less water.

Bean seeds will probably germinate in 1 – 2 days longer grass seed will take longer. After the tree grows, you put the tree where there is enough sunlight.

The baby will fun, proud of his achievements and also learn many things with this game, you know!

The effect of egg shells, very diverse if you know how to capitalize on this raw material. Recipes care, bone health, dental and trees, located right in your kitchen cabinet that.

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