6 habits should maintain to reduce vomiting in babies

Article written by dr. Le Thu Phuong – Pediatrics – neonatology – hospital, international Vinmec Halong

Except for causes due to disease, the case of infants vomit milk usually can be improved by changing a few small habits when feeding baby.

Newborn baby’s digestive system still weak, the valve in the stomach operations are not synchronized, so when feeding baby easy to swallow slightly into the stomach. Somewhat amount of “excess” is not only easy to no more, but also young or vomit milk after feeding. This phenomenon is quite common. To reduce this condition, I need to change the way of feeding and noted a number of problems in the functioning of the baby and family

Split ration of baby

Compared with the large system, the digestive immaturity of infant capacity is much smaller. To avoid “eruption”, instead of feeding too much in 1 time, mother should be fed several times over with the amount of milk was diminished each time, help the baby digest faster and easier.

Not to located immediately after feeding milk

Babies are very easy to swallow slightly on while breastfeeding. If at this time, mom, for baby, located right status, vomiting can easily occur. So, after the baby finished eating, the mother should keep the baby is located. Best mom should be looking for baby burp to “escape” reduce excess amount of gas, reduce the bloating, indigestion.

For baby to suck properly

You may not know, but the way you feed your baby can also be the cause why babies vomit. With the baby is breastfed, if the amount of breast milk, more than the amount of milk the baby’s mouth can swallow each time will cause food in the stomach is welling up, making baby vomit. Similarly, the baby bottle is not the right way will “suck” on at the same time, an excess amount of gas significantly affect the process of digestion of the baby.

To avoid this situation, when for your baby is breastfed, you should only feed your baby slowly, to avoid baby to eat too no each time. With bottle-fed babies, mothers should keep the bottle tilted 45 degrees, so that the milk always flooded the neck of the jar, not to air “crept” into the stomach baby.

Sleeping posture right for your baby

A sleeping posture, the right not only helps baby sleep better which also can improve somewhat the risk of reflux. Mom can lift her head lay your baby up high an angle of 30 degrees, the tilt this will help food in the stomach does not reflux up while baby is sleeping.

Say “no” to the smoke

Not only affects the development and health of infants and young children, often exposed to smoke cigarettes will cause the baby increased secretion of acid in the stomach more. So mother should try to limit, not for babies exposed to environmental tobacco smoke.

Calcium supplement for kid

Vomiting accompanied by symptoms unscrew themselves, trouble sleeping each night can be the indication mode, the daily nutrition your baby does not have a sufficient amount of calcium needed. In this case, calcium supplements, full is the best way to help your baby.

When should bring the child to clinic visits?

If you have tried all the way on, but the status vomiting your baby still has no signs of diminishing, mom should put the baby visits.

In a few cases, vomiting comes with a few unusual signs as the child is not gaining weight, fever, persistent cough, cry, scream bouts, defecation feces mucous blood or 3-5 days without defecation accompanied by abdominal distention may be due to a pathological causes, like digestive disorders, intestinal obstruction, intussusception…then the appointment is extremely necessary to find solutions, ensure safety for your baby.

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