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5 ways treat high cholesterol brand quảĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Many people worry the treatment of high cholesterol very difficult, but you can actually improve the disease by habit daily life, you know!

High cholesterol is one of the risk factors to health besides diabetes, blood pressure. This is the indirect cause promoting the pathology of the cardiovascular. Research shows that high cholesterol causes atherosclerosis leading to 90% of cases of myocardial infarction, the mortality rate due to diseases related to high cholesterol-accounted for more than 50% mortality due to other diseases around the world.

Blood fat also known as lipid with components influence the most important is cholesterol. High cholesterol was assessed through the following indicators:

  • Index total cholesterol: greater than 200mg/dL
  • Index LDL: greater than 100mg/dL

Below, you let Hello Doctor learn 5 ways treat high cholesterol simple, safe, effective, okay!

1. A healthy diet

Diet of you need to full the following food:

Adding more fiber

Fiber is the indigestible part of your food are in the vegetables, whole grains,… foods that are high in fiber can help reduce blood cholesterol levels by making bile acids pass through the digestive tract more quickly, thanks to that support, treat high blood fat. Fiber can reduce only the number of triglycerides, LDL and increases only the number of good cholesterol HDL, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high cholesterol, atherosclerosis…

Food contains more fiber not only helps protect health by reducing blood fat, but also assist you to absorb the necessary nutrients other by strengthening the intestinal microflora.

Eat foods that contain good fats

These foods contain good fats you should eat include:

• Fats polyunsaturated: having multiple in soybean oil, corn oil and sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, margarine… Kind of this fat can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood, however, you should not take too much fat because this can reduce the amount of good cholesterol for the body.

• High monounsaturated fat: found in olive oil, butter, peanuts, legumes dried peas… Type of fat has the effect of reducing bad cholesterol without affecting good cholesterol, help support the treatment of high cholesterol.

• Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 has variety in the types of seafood, such as salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel… or flaxseed oil, walnuts. This is the type of good fats help reduce the risk of heart disease, depression, dementia, and arthritis.

Studies have shown that the good fats this if is used instead of saturated fat can help reduce the total cholesterol, improve blood fat and prevent many diseases.

Selection of sources provides protein

To enhance health and create energy for active living every day, you should supplement for about 1g protein/1kg body weight. For example, if you weigh 70kg will need additional about 70g protein. However, should you choose supplies quality protein for good health.

Red meat includes buffalo meat, beef, pork… food is rich in minerals, especially iron and zinc, however, have high cholesterol, so not good for people disease blood fat. You can replace red meat with sources of protein other includes white meat and protein from plants. White meat, including chicken, duck… contains many unsaturated fatty acids, can help reduce the incidence of heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Abandon bad habits

The bad habits you need to quit include:

Smoking cigarettes, drinking beer

Tobacco is one of the main causes decrease the number of good HDL and increased bad LDL. The habit of smoking will cause the amount of fat in the body is difficult excreted, leading to a situation of excess fat in the blood. From that increases the risk of pathology of the cardiovascular, cerebral vascular accident, atherosclerosis, narrowing of blood vessels…

Smokers have a higher risk of sudden death 10-fold in men and 5-fold in women. Tobacco is harmful not only for cardiovascular but also bad effect to the lungs.

The habit of drinking wine in moderation, about 1 cup per day can help decrease the number of LDL prevents atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. However, if consuming too much alcohol can increase total cholesterol, triglycerides, increased blood pressure, liver damage and cardiac pathologies other.

Eating foods with too much salt, grease, oil

The dish more grease often contain more saturated fat is not good for health. Fats are necessary for the functioning of the body but if you consume too much saturated fat can do more severe condition, blood cholesterol, causing cardiovascular disease, diabetes. So, you should use the dishes are prepared by stewing, boiling or steaming instead.

Besides, the consumption of food has much salt can cause heart palpitations and increase blood pressure. Patients with high cholesterol often suffer from the pathology of the cardiovascular, eating more salt will aggravate the condition. You should limit the foods include pickles, coffee, salt, bacon, food, canned…

Sedentary, sitting too much

Those who are lazy motion, often sitting more or less there are opportunities of physical activity will have higher risk of suffering from condition, high blood fat, cardiovascular diseases. This is caused by the body when sedentary will reduce the concentration of good cholesterol and increase lipoprotein levels bad. Workout routines regularly will help burn calories, control cholesterol and enhance cardiovascular health.

3. Regular exercise

The exercise simple, gentle, suitable for all ages and helps to reduce blood fat include:

• Yoga: yoga exercises can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease thanks to its ability to reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Yoga can help you improve your health physically, mentally comfortable, relax, improve your physique and repel diseases. Therefore, you should spend at least 30 minutes of yoga each day to receive these benefits.

The postures of yoga help to reduce blood fat include posture, wheel pose stretches the abdomen, the sitting posture twisted half a spine, posture, sit-up…

• Cycling: Cycling exercise is capable of high energy consumption, helps burn excess fat and reduce cholesterol effectively. Cycling helps to bring many benefits for health as good for musculoskeletal, mental relaxation, enhanced cardiovascular health, control diabetes, weight…

You can schedule a bike ride about 5 times/week, every day at least 30 minutes, then can gradually increase the level depending on the health.

• Walking: Walking is exercise gentle, simple but effective, suitable for all ages. This is how exercise is good for health, especially people blood fat. People often walk with a fast rhythm and which will promote the process of energy metabolism, burn calories and fatty tissue.

4. Medication treatment blood fat

There are 3 drug treatment high blood fat common include:

1. Drug group statins: Statins are group of drugs that inhibit competition with hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme (HMG-CoA) reductase – the enzyme that converts HMG-CoA into mevalonate, a precursor of cholesterol. This is the group the drug is indicated for use in the case of increased blood cholesterol, reduce cardiovascular risk, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis.

Dose statins are often used in the evening. The drug belongs to the group of statins include lovastatin, atorvastatin, simvastatin…

2. Group of drugs fibrates: Fibrates are drugs commonly used in the treatment of high cholesterol has the effect of reducing the index LDL, triglycerides and increased HDL. Group Fibrates being the first choice in case of patients with increased triglyceride levels. This group of drugs can help to reduce to 40 – 60% of triglyceride levels.

Drug group of Fibrates can be used alone or in combination with the drug treatment of high cholesterol in other. The drugs in the group include fenofibrate, ciprofibrate, bezafibrate.

3. Group drug niacin: Niacin is the drug out of 8 types of B vitamins, namely vitamin B3 effect lower cholesterol. This group of drugs is used in combination with statins, or in the case of patients with intolerance to statins. Niacin is water soluble vitamin that helps inhibit the production of lipoproteins in the liver, reduced LDL and increased HDL.

You should not be buying or discontinuation of the drug treatment of high cholesterol. Any symptoms unusual should also have the consultation, diagnosis of a doctor before taking the drug.

5. Use medicinal herbs to help reduce high blood fat

Process treatment high cholesterol need to have the coordination of healthy lifestyle, the right diet and taking the drug treatment of Eastern medicine – Western medicine. The herb medicine has long been proven through the drug capable of reducing blood fat, long lasting effect that re restrictions are adverse effects.

According to some studies, extracts from orange Bergamote in the coastal region of Italy has effect to control blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis effect thanks to the ability to reduce the synthesis of LDL cholesterol in the liver. Besides it is the extract of debt with high content of saponins helps clean the blood vessels, preventing the re-absorption of cholesterol into the blood, preventing cardiovascular pathologies.

Food health protection, Kyoman is formulated by the process of modern technology with ingredients, orange extract, Bergamote and extract debt technology to help treat high cholesterol effectively, can be used long term without causing side effects.

To control the amount of blood fat safely and effectively, you need to coordinate many different methods. Results can’t come overnight, it is important that you persevere and can treatment high cholesterol successful as desired okay!

Food protection health Kyoman help to increase the strength of blood vessels, stabilize blood sugar and minimize complications due to high blood fat.

Clinical studies in the U.s. have proven effective to control hyperlipidemia of ingredients in Kyoman, the product is manufactured in line with modern technology meet GMP standard-WHO. This is the herbal solution first comprehensive for the case of dyslipidemia, liver steatosis and metabolic syndrome.

To learn more about the product Kyoman, please see here.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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