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5 ways self-care health in the new year

Inflammation of the respiratory tract or problems related to the digestive system is the frequent pathology each when the new year comes. To myself always cheerful, healthy and pretty in these days, you should equip yourself with a few tips health care.

Tet comes, spring is the period of time the family members gather together, after a year long work as well as study hard, is the occasion for each person to be able to visit, ask relatives, friends… However, hidden behind the feast hearty or the wine glass happy new year is the risk of damaging your health is not small. So, we need to note what to health care in those days this fun? Let Hello Doctor find understand.

Balanced nutrition in each meal

On each occasion, new year, party trays and of the family often have a lot of dishes, rich in protein, starch as well as fat. However, this is the agent leads to increased weight and cholesterol in the blood, at the same time they also can cause the disease of cardiovascular. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention of greens with fresh fruit to provide fiber for the body, since it improves the digestive system, preventing hot condition in men and constipation. At the same time, blue from the vegetables also make the dish of you become rich and more eye-catching.

In addition, you should also limit your intake of cakes, jam, sweets as these foods contain lots of sugar chemistry has the ability to boost speed the aging process, increases the risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular.

Do not skip meals for any reason

Although busy with the schedule Tet dense or appointments spring travel together with family or friends, you should also note the self-care health yourself by eating right now. Skip meals or eat cornered meal will lead to body condition at too no when too hungry.

The loaded energy right now for the body plays a role extremely important for the digestive system as well as energy reserves for the day’s activities. So you try to make sure to eat right hours per day to reduce the pressure for the digestive system.

Limit the use of drinks containing alcoholic and soft drinks with gas

Drinking too much alcohol along with the food, rich in protein and fat in meals can lead to no less potential risk of health harm series organs such as the brain, stomach, liver, heart…

In addition, the use of drinks containing alcohol is also one of the main causes leading to traffic accidents. Therefore, you should minimize the alcohol as well as some drinks have gas in other to be able to avoid a state of intoxication, vomiting, or affect the digestive system made for new year’s day less fun.

Maintain fitness workout sports

Time for lunar new year holiday is also at the body less active than normal days. Meanwhile, the amount of food and nutrients that you collect on the day this return is much higher than the time remaining in the year. This makes for a number of internal organs belonging to the digestive system such as stomach, small intestine, colon…, might have to work constantly and will sometimes be overloaded.

So each day you should spend from 15 – 30 minutes to practice sport in order to help the process of energy metabolism in the body more efficiently. Walking, jogging lightly, or movements, body movement would be a great help for the consumption of excess calories and help the body healthy.

Wary of the diseases commonly encountered in the lunar new year

Living habits erratic of you into the holidays this may cause the consequences are diseases such as:

Inflammation of the respiratory tract acute

Tet is also the time of the transfer season, including changes in temperature or humidity. Weather changes create favorable conditions for the pathogen, as well as many types of bacteria grow and spread through the respiratory tract, e.g. influenza, rhinitis, sore throat,… children, the elderly or people with weak resistance, often are at high risk for the disease.

For the prevention of acute respiratory infections, you should pay attention to keep warm the body, especially areas such as the feet, hands, chest, neck, head when in the cold. At the same time, try to avoid contact with people showing signs of infectious diseases, and should also be limited to the place too crowded.


On the occasion of Tet, people often reserve a lot of food in the refrigerator. Which includes the food prepared raw, fresh food and the excess food accumulate over many meals. As if eating right food rancidity or have to through a long period of time, even dishes contains incompatibles, it could lead to a situation of diarrhea.

To diarrhea, you need to eat nutritious food, ensure nutrition, eat more fruit, especially fruit rich in vitamin C to increase resistance for body. You should also avoid using live food taken from the refrigerator – please reheat before using – and remember to frequently wash your hands with soap before eating.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning usually last under the condition vomiting and diarrhea. If it becomes heavy then there is likely to cause danger to your network. Often, people get food poisoning is caused by ingesting food contaminated with toxins, bacteria or no hygiene and food safety. So, you need to be careful when pick and purchase the type of food, especially if you have a preference to eat what’s served live as sashimi, raw fish or meat as noodles, beef, beefsteak.

In addition, when storing food, you should categorize as well as to separate raw foods and foods cooked. Food must be cooked before eating, at the same time pay attention to use clean water and safe food, ensuring clean origin.

After the holiday, when everyone must go back to academic life, working as usual. To spring security, healthy new year’s work full of inspiration, we should pay attention to self health care in these days.

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