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5 tips for living the life you should apply at a young age

The secret of living life not just healthy habits, but also includes many other factors such as gender, education, marital status… If you know how to protect your health, you will enjoy the old age, peacefully with family.

Many studies suggest that genetic factors have great influence on longevity. However, that does not mean that if the members in your family live long, you will also be so. Or, conversely, if your parents unfortunately died early, then your lifespan also, not exactly because it decreases.

Besides the innate factors or gender, you can still actively apply the secrets of long life from a young age.

1. The secret life life of women

According to many statistics, the death rate in women is often lower than men’s. This also means that women will usually live longer than gentlemen. Many causes account for the disparity in life expectancy this can be listed as:

• Hormones: the Hormone estrogen in women have the ability to strengthen the immune system while testosterone in men inhibited the immunity of the body. In addition, testosterone has also been proven that can increase the risk of heart disease, infection and cancer.

• Chromosomes: Women have two X chromosomes, men have X chromosomes and a Y. this means women keep two copies of each gene, while men only keep one copy. If one gene is defective with age, women also one gene to another “preventive” and not men. Therefore, the risk of men suffering from the cancer is also often higher.

• Body size: Men also often taller than women, which means they will have many more cells. However, as many cells, then men’s as there are more likely to develop the mutations are harmful.

• Environmental factors social: Men often work in the dangerous environment, toxic should also experience more risk of death while working more. On the other hand, women also often note take care of themselves more and more often proactive health checks to detect diseases before becoming heavy.

The secret life expectancy of women is conscious of health care and the work does not contain many hidden risks.

2. Tips for living life in the natural environment

According to research by experts, the living environment has great influence on longevity and quality of life of each person. Depending on where you live, your life expectancy will also vary according to:

• Live in the city: The city allows you access to many medical services and health care dark tan. However, the city environment can also make you at risk of anxiety disorder and the risk of depression is also higher.

• Live in the highway: The highway can cause you to encounter many health problems. The air pollution from the vehicles on the road will increase the risk of diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract.

• Life in the suburbs: fresh air, no hustle, less pollution, less noise, so the suburbs can help the mood you relaxed more. This also reduces stress, anxiety, influence not good to the health of your spirit.

• Live near the sea: Many studies have also shown that living near the beach helps to improve mood, lower stress levels very well.

• Live on a high mountain: Many people think living on the mountain high can blood thinners but in fact, those who live in high mountains often have risk of heart disease and stroke dropped significantly.

To sanatoriums and old age, should you choose to live in the environment close to nature to enjoy the fresh air.

3. Tips for living life with brain activity

A study shows that people who have degrees from bachelor and above has the life expectancy increased by 1.9 years in men and 2.8 years in women. On average, a man who was just graduating have reduced lifespan of 9.3 years compared to those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Similarly, women only by popular media also often have a life expectancy of little more than 8.6 years compared with those who have a bachelor’s degree and above.

People with a high education level more often have more opportunities to find work better, is to live in the more favorable conditions, and awareness of better health. In addition, the intellectual activity often also keep the brain always in a state of motion, reduce risk of diseases of old, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s…

The brain activity is the secret to live life, help to maintain the coordination work between the nervous system and other parts of the body.

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4. Tips for living life with a happy marriage

The couple married have lower mortality rate than those unmarried or divorced. A result from Journal American Journal of Epidemiology , said single women have a life expectancy lower from 7 to 15 years compared with married people. Men living alone also early death than from 8 to 17 years compared with men in there family.

Many research results show marriage improves heart health, reduces feelings of separation and loneliness. Life with your spouse will also give you a note about health more and abandoned the unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking.

After marriage, a person’s life, often become more healthy. Happy marriage not only is a secret to long life but also help you feel more fulfilling life.

5. The secret life life by healthy lifestyle

Life expectancy is also affected by the diet and the daily routine. To enhance health for body, you can apply the secrets of long life by lifestyle:

• Eat right: You need to choose a diet to suit each age development of the body and the pathological condition if there. You should also eat enough meals during the day, at the same time diverse types of food to ensure adequate nutrients for the body.

• Increasing physical inactivity: Lifestyle sedentary will make you have the risk of old age, lower life expectancy due to suffering illness, interminable, interminably. Therefore, you should enlist practicing gentle exercises like walking, jogging… Let’s set a goal of physical activity at least 30 minutes each day, you will feel mental clarity and the body full of vitality!

• Quit habits harmful to health: the Habit of staying up late, smoking, drinking alcohol… which can cause the body suffering from the serious illness, directly affect longevity. If you want to enhance lifespan, you need to restrict and gradually progress to eradicate the bad habits in daily activities.

Healthy lifestyle is the secret to live the life that you need to build and maintain right from when he was young.

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Secret to long life includes many factors that impact health, which nutritional elements and lifestyle is totally within your control. Longevity and health when you age is the result of lifestyle when you are young. Therefore, you need to actively adjust the mode of living of his early to enjoy the long life than the people themselves and their families.

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