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5 strange disease makes you amazing

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t drink but still drunk voice change or body smells of fish? This is the strange disease you rarely see that scientists are also research to find the cause.

Rare but the world has recorded a number of cases of the strange disease, prompting the medical world to see the study. Here are 5 out of the strange disease the world has ever known.

1. Syndrome do not drink alcohol still drunk

After “too cup”, the drink still often have the expression in a state of drunk, as said slurred, loss of balance, coordination, poor body, red face, vomiting… but there are those who still experiencing the intoxicating feeling lightheadedness, while only drinking a little, or even didn’t touch a drop of alcohol.

Syndrome do not drink alcohol still drunk or also known as “syndrome of intestinal fermentation” that sufferers will see the status like who is drunk. Some of the symptoms accompanying this condition may be mentioned as belching, feeling of prolonged fatigue, dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome,…

The cause of the strange disease, this appearance is when ethanol is produced in the intestine after consumption of food rich in carbohydrates. Excess weight sacaromyces cerevisiae – a type of yeast in the gut is the main culprit, which leads to the fermentation process to create ethanol.

The majority of cases have syndrome do not drink alcohol still drunk, can improve the condition by foods low in carbohydrates and rich in protein or use of antibiotics.

2. Syndrome voice changes

This is a strange disease so rare that normal voice suddenly changed into a voice completely different from before. Change is often about intonation, accents and how to use vocabulary in different regions in the same country or between countries whose language is almost the same.

Researchers have found the change voice in strange disease this is usually between the language pairs: Japanese – English Korean, English – French, English (American) – English (British), Spanish – English Hungarian. Change this voice can last a few days, few weeks, few months, few years or is forever.

Causes of the syndrome of change of voice is often due to damage from a certain part of the brain responsible for the coordination language. This damage can be the result of stroke or other brain injury.

Other causes have also been reported including multiple sclerosis – a disorder of the brain and spinal cord. In some cases, did not determine the cause.

Scientists need more research on the structure and function of the brain, especially the command center languages to learn the causes why voice can change the difference quite so.

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3. Syndrome who smells of fish

Strange disease this is when the body emits the odor smells like a rotten fish through sweat, breath and urine. The level of unpleasant odor will vary over time and from person to person. However, the general point is that the disease will have a serious impact on life, daily activities and mental health of people suffering from the disease.

The disease usually appears in people who have a genetic mutation characteristic of the gene FMO3. This gene is responsible for directing the body to produce the enzymes that break down the organic compounds in which there is trimethylamine. When the body can’t break down organic compounds, trimethylamine will create foul smell is difficult to smell.

To treatment syndrome have the smell of fish, the patient should cut down on high trimethylamine in marine fish and choline in eggs, mustard, chicken liver, beef, soy…

4. Insomnia disease genetic fatal

This condition is a form of degenerative disorders of brain hereditary, which the disease will experience bouts of insomnia increasingly serious. The end result will lead to the deterioration of both physical and mental, causing the patient to go to death after a few months or if lucky more than that lasted a few more years.

Insomnia disease genetic fatal influence nervous system self-help regulate processes such as breathing, heart rate and body temperature. A variant of the gene regulatory proteins the expression of prion protein is usually the cause of this condition.

When suffering from bizarre disease which causes loss of sleep, the protein is damage accumulation in the thalamus is the main brain regions play an important role in the ability to move and feel get. This causes damage to brain cells and lead to severe symptoms affecting the whole body health.

The scientists are trying to find out a new drug with the hope that can prevent or at least reduce the rate of formation of the prion poisoning. Embodiment, the use of doxycycline as a preventive treatment are also considerations for those who are at risk for disease, sleeping genetic fatal.

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5. Strange disease named Proteus

Syndrome, Proteus is a strange disease rare and characterized by the overgrowth of skin and bone. In addition, the disease also have abnormal growth of tissues leads to the development imbalance of the body.

The disease can arise from a mutation in the gene AKT1, which occurs randomly in the womb. Usually there will be no clear indication of the presence of the syndrome Proteus at birth. The cause is by the overgrowth of tissue usually appear in the period from 6 to 18 months. However, strange illness, this will become increasingly more serious over time.

Proteus can cause edema, increased size abnormalities in the face, hands, feet… The risk of other health caused by disease is often intellectual disability, visual impairment, or seizures, and deep vein thrombosis.

Syndrome, Proteus can be diagnosed through clinical examination to assessment of the abnormal growth of the tissue cells in the body.

Many strange disease to date remains a mystery for scientists. With the progress of techniques, modern medical hope of cure for patients with the rare disease will be more and more new step.

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