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5 steps to help you lie on your back sleep till morning

Sleeping position lying on your back not only helps you prevent the formation of wrinkles but also ensure the health of the bone joints. How to do it lie on your back when you accustomed lie on one side or lying face down pillow?

When you sleep in the supine position, the spine is kept straight and stable, helps ensure comfortable sleep. Your face will be exposed to the air all night, should pores be ventilated, which leads to fewer wrinkles on the face. If you don’t want to appear more wrinkles or problems of bones and joints, you let Hello Doctor learn the 5 steps to help sleeping lying on your back a sleep till morning, okay!

1. Get in the habit of sleeping lying on your back

The first step you lie down, keep head and neck in neutral position, try to resist the urge to rotate the head or knee to one side. You can use the quilt has great weight will create gentle pressure up the front part of the body to help you fixed the body more easily. You should choose a blanket weighing about 10% of the body weight you.

You can accustomed with the posture is tilted to one side, or face down in the pillow. The transition from the sleeping position to sleeping position other can make you feel not comfortable, so you need more patience when trying to change.

You may have to take about 3 weeks to adjust to the sleeping posture, so don’t give up when failed right in the first night.

2. Put pillow when sleeping lying on your back

When you sleep in the supine position can cause pressure on the spine. You should put a pillow under the back knee will help to reduce this pressure and keep your spine straight. At the same time, you put a small pillow in the lower back, on the waist will help the spine maintain natural curve, supporting treatment of degenerative spine effective.

You can put the pillow will help ease breathing when sleeping. A pillow is designed fit will help keep the neck muscles are relaxed, for you to get a more comfortable sleep. The selection to put high pillow when lying on your back is very good for those who suffer from sleep apnea or acid reflux stomach.

In the early days, sleeping in the supine position, certainly there will be times when you will turn in the unconscious. You can place the pillow around while sleeping will help reduce the possibility of you switching to the other.

3. Choose the mattress when sleeping, lie on your back

Also like the pillow, you need to check out the mattress to sleep comfortable and pleasant. You need to check the material to ensure good quality for health. The market today there are 6 types of mattress popular:

• Mattress gel: Helps your body cool, comfortable, but durability is not high.

• Mattress springs: Has good elasticity, definitely, pleasant to your spine, price affordable.

• Rubber mattress: help support the spine good, does not cause back pain, tired person when located, however the price is quite high.

• Mattress steam: Convenient, adjustable softness but durability is low lying, sleeping, feel hot due to no air escape.

• Mattress pressed cotton: Whose hardness and high elasticity, easy to put pressure on the shoulders, back, hips make it difficult to sleep, not comfortable, hey people when to wake up.

• Mattress: Have sure and good resilient, no pain when waking up, but life expectancy is not high and does not have the ability ventilation.

You should choose a mattress that has high elasticity and moderate hardness is suitable with posture, sleeping lying on your back. Best mattress will help lift the spine in straight position, without a sense of back pain or discomfort when waking up.

4. Create environment the air when sleeping lying on your back

When you sleep in the supine position, a humidifier can help you fall asleep more easily. When lying on your back, your face is not shielded, causing the nose and throat can be irritated. This can lead to snoring. In addition, the supine position may cause your face exposure to dry air can make your skin dry and prone to pimples.

The temperature of the room can also affect sleep. If you sleep while lying on your back has the ability to increase body temperature. Typically, this happens with the pregnant women, they always felt stuffy and hot.

You can put a regulator at a temperature of about 20 degrees C to have a comfortable sleep. Moreover, the temperature changes, this won’t make your back sweat and you can wake up with a feeling of comfort.

5. Note before sleep lie on your back

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You should avoid exposure to electronic screens before going to sleep. The circadian rhythm governs your sleep is affected by light. Blue light emitted from your phone, television and computer can fool your brain think it’s still daytime, cause you to sleep more. Doctors recommend that you should stay away from screens at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

You should not eat or drink several hours before bedtime. Alcohol can cause sleep disturbance. At the same time, eating a lot right before sleeping can lead to sleep not good, can cause snoring and discomfort. To help you prepare to go to sleep, you can relaxing activities such as gentle yoga, reading a book or chatting will help you comfortable and easy to sleep over.

You can use a little warm drink such as herbal tea before going to sleep supine, avoid any drinks containing caffeine will make you wake up at night.

If you do not encounter the condition of vertebrae, or joints, not necessarily you have to try every day to apply the supine position when sleeping. You can choose the sleeping posture, other fit bring deep sleep, but make sure that sleeping posture that does not bring negative effects too much to your body. To be able to sleep straight to sleep until morning, don’t forget to remove all thoughts of stress when step up to bed okay!

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