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5 recipes diet help you to reduce hand tremor chânĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Along with drug treatment, nutrition for people with hand tremor foot condition is important to help improve the system of neurotransmitters. So you should apply diet help reduce tremor hands and feet, how new effective?

The deep roots of symptoms , tremor hands and feet, to from the injury or degeneration of the nerve cells, the motor in the brain. So, the goal of building good diet for people with hand tremor of the legs is to supplement the amount of nutrients, anti-oxidants for nerve cells.

Let’s find out the secret supplement these substances in the foods easy to find around here!

1. Diversify many types of different starch

Source of starch varied to improve the run limbs

By choosing diverse source of starch instead of just eating white rice, you can use other types of whole grains such as wheat, barley, oats, brown rice, legumes, black sesame seeds, millet,… These foods help replenish the vitamins good for the process of neurotransmitters such as vitamin B1, B6, B12 and magnesium. In addition, high levels of fiber from sources such nutrients also help improve the condition of constipation in the elderly, especially Parkinson’s disease.

Brown rice (rice flip) is kind of rice is good for health but you can replace white rice, enhances the vitamin content and nutrients the body.

2. Selection of sources provides good protein

Chicken is source of protein high contain less cholesterol

In the food category, meat is source of protein supply, mainly for the body. In it, the white meat is usually fish or poultry, also red meat is the meat of cattle such as buffalo, cow or pig.

Nutritionist recommended, patients run the limbs should eat more white meat and limited red meat. The cause is by however, have high protein content, but red meat contains many bad cholesterol. This causes neurons to degeneration and injury aggravated, from which aggravate the symptoms run.

Protein contained in legumes such as soybeans, tofu, green beans, sesame and whole grain. It is considered as protein source, good because they not only help to replenish the essential amino acids, but also enhance the B vitamins and dopamine help to reduce tremor, especially tremor due to Parkinson’s disease.

If the doctor prescribed the drug levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, you take medication way meal before at least 30 minutes or after 1 hour. The cause is because the protein in food can affect the absorption of the drug.

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3. Additional vegetables into each meal

Meal have more vegetables and fruit are necessary every day

Green leafy vegetables, berries an additional source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants important for the body, especially vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, potassium… This is the nutrients necessary for the transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the organs. The deficiency of this substance can lead to bad muscle spasms and tremors of the limbs.

You should supplement into the diet per day vegetables, fruits such as spinach, broccoli, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries… the best is you wash then eaten raw, in salad or boiled cooked to medium, should not be processed too technical will lose the nutrients in vegetables.

4. Choose sources of good fats

Unsaturated fats just good for the nervous system just helps reduce hand tremor leg

Eating more fat does not mean that will increases the risk of fat in the blood. You need to capture clear, fats are divided into 2 types of good fats and bad fats.

• Bad fats: bad fats aka saturated fats contain much LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels will increase the risk of steatosis in the blood, in the liver, atherosclerosis,… The sick tremor of hands, legs, most is run after stroke, cerebral vascular accident should not use grease, skin, animal organs and eat less egg yolk. This is to limit the deposition of cholesterol into artery-clogging narrow blood vessels and prevention of complications re – development, which makes the disease become more severe.

• Good fats: good fats also known as unsaturated fats, including omega – 3 fatty acids and omega – 6 with anti-oxidant power. These substances help fight free radicals, lower cholesterol and stable properties neurotransmitters. From there, the good fats help to reduce run the risk of depression and improves mood for patients, tremor of limbs. Some foods contain many good fats are sea fish (herring, sardines, salmon…), nuts, avocado, flaxseed, soy, olive oil…

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5. Money supply nutrients for the brain

Along with diet, then the addition of money on nutrients for nerve cells from the product contains God magic, The small also has important implications. This method has been proven can slow down the process of degenerative aging, the nervous system, which helps reduce tremor, reduced spasticity and motor recovery motor function.

Food health protection Lao Kingdom Event (*) with the major components Celestial ghost, The behind help assist to reduce the symptoms, tremor of limbs.

God magic, The small support reduce the symptoms of tremor of limbs come from various causes such as Parkinson’s disease, disorders of the vegetative nervous system, tremor idiopathic…

You can listen to share of ms. Nguyen Thi Giang (Quang Ninh) to learn more about the effect of TPBVSK Lao Kingdom Event: journey 4 years searching for a cure run limbs for children.

To repel disease, tremor of hands, legs, and improve the quality of life living every day, nutrition is one of the factors can not be ignored. Diet healthy science, combined with lifestyle mentally and physically active is a natural solution effectively helps you to improve your stock run limbs. At the same time, you should adhere to medication treatment of your doctor with natural herbs to control the symptoms run a more comprehensive way.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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