5 Best Nail Polish Shaker in 2020

What is nail polish shaker?

The nail polish shaker is the one used to shake nail polish bottles quickly and easily.

Its function is to make lumpy or poor quality nail polish mixed evenly.

This is a makeup tool like any other. Its function is to keep your nail polish in the best condition before use. It achieves this effect by vigorously shaking the nail polish, and you will be satisfied with your nail polish in the end.

Buying the best nail polish shakes on the market will bring a lot of benefits to your life. You don’t have to worry about under-smoothing. Whether it’s a traditional nail polish or a gel nail polish, it can be slippery. 

According to research, it has been shown to be the most sought after product in many homes and nail polish stores.

If you’re having trouble getting the shiny nail polish sinking to the bottom, you can use a shaker to shake the nail polish bottle. Until everything is mixed together in the correct proportions. After shaking, the contents of the bottle are mixed together, and it is much easier to paint the nails on the nails.

Benefits of Best Nail Polish Shaker

Save time

This nail polish shaker is very time-saving, as it not only saves the time required for thick nail polish but also saves your time shaking the nail polish. Using the bottle shaker, it can shake the bottle 1,000 times in a few seconds so that the nail polish is evenly coated on your nails.

With the nail polish shaker, you don’t need to shake it hard to prepare the nail polish. If you want the same effect as a nail polish shake, it will take a lot of work. All you have to do is put the bottle in the machine, tie it with the strap, press the button and give a moment to shake the bottle.

Satisfactory results

It can help make your nail polish smooth and flawless. The end result is a very satisfactory nail set. There is no need to worry about the gel coating being too thick and difficult to apply.

Reduce the risk of injury

To get the nail polish back to the correct concentration, the nail technician has to spend a lot of effort and time shaking the nail polish bottle. Over time, you may start to feel pain in your fingers and wrists. Shaking the nail polish regularly can even get you carpal tunnel syndrome, but the nail polish shaker will reduce the vibrations by hand, everything is automatic.

Business more

Nail salon business will improve. No need to spend too much time preparing gel nail polish. The shorter the waiting time, the happier the customer. By doing that, the business of nail polish salons becomes more prosperous. The gel shaker will reduce the effort and time required in preparing the gel for polishing. In the past, nail technicians used to shake the bottle to get the exact consistency. Saving time can be spent on customers.

Eliminate bubbles

Shake the nail polish repeatedly to remove bubbles, as when the nail polish is applied in large quantities, the effect of the nail polish will be inconsistent.

Reviews of the best nail polish shaker

1. ProShaker nail polish shaker

ProShaker nail polish shaker

This is one of the best nail polish dispensers on the market. Using it is very simple, you just need to put your gel polish in the drawer.

When finished, press the red button on the back of the gel shaker bottle and relax for about 60 seconds. During the shaking process, you can stop shaking by pressing the red button again.


Smooth and quiet running

Safe and easy to use

Affordable but durable


Slightly expensive

2. Mini-Vortex Lab Genius mixer

Mini-Vortex Lab Genius mixer

This is one of the most versatile nail polish on the market.

It is suitable for nail polish bottles of any type or size, and is also possible to shake and mix the liquid in any barrel. This versatility comes from its completely unique design compared to other nail polish brushes.


Small powerful machine!

Perfect for miniature paint jars

Mix the nail polish without foam


Easy to break

3. Hand-held nail polish stirrer

Hand-held nail polish stirrer

Hand-held nail polish bottles are by far the easiest to store and carry.
This vibrating screen has a very compact and quiet cylindrical design.



Compact and portable

Attractive designs



4. Nail gel polish bottle shaker

Nail gel polish bottle shaker

When your polish has been on for a long time, it will settle and separate. The polish machine helps the nail polish mix evenly, the gel no longer lumps, and the glitter coating better than ever, perfect without foam.


Not expensive

Strong engine

Comes with additional straps


Less noisy

5. Hand Shaker Laza Nail Lacquer Shaker

Laza Nail Lacquer Shaker Hand Shaker

The rotating speed is up to 25000 rpm, improving work efficiency. When your polish has been on for a long time, it will settle and separate. The polish machine helps the nail polish mix evenly, the gel no longer lumps, and the glitter coating better than ever, perfect without foam.


Easy to use!

reasonable price

30-day money-back guarantee


Reported crash issues after 2 months of use

Things to know before buying nail polish shaker

Nail polish shake is considered to be one of the best ways to reduce or even prevent bubbles from nail polish. It can ensure that your nail polish lasts longer than shaking with your hands.

You don’t need to shake the jar before each manicure if you use a nail polish shaker. This will be a major advantage for nail technicians because they have more customers every day. Shaking nail polish bottles is not only tedious and time-consuming, but also puts your wrists at risk.

It is difficult to shake the bottle to make the nail polish smooth and even. But if you are using a nail polish shaker, just press the button on it and it only takes a few seconds.

There are two types of nail polish shaker available on Amazon. There are expensive products that use only electricity and there are also inexpensive products that use batteries. It all depends on how much budget you have, but I recommend giving it a try first.


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