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4 the goal for people who are suffering from chronic disease in the new year

Step into a new year, we each have goals of their own to improve the quality of life and feel happier. If the goal for people with chronic disease is health then you should do to improve his condition?

Chronic disease is disease progression stretched over time or or re-development, almost can not be cured completely and also do not disappear tends to increase gradually with age. Therefore, you need to set goals for themselves to be able to help improve the disease. You let Hello Doctor consult 5 goals for people who are suffering from chronic disease in the new year, okay!

1. Listen to your body

Each person has the body, absorption capacity, metabolism, pathology… are all different. You know your body the best you can know is where is the limit of his body what I want and need something. Therefore, you should not apply the way of treatment the disease is not verifiable or rumor of that must go to the clinic to find the method that best suits the condition.

In the process of treating chronic illness, you may need to add ways to help easily control the disease effectively can be from relatives, friends or casually read health articles. It is important that you need to be aware of when performing can create comfort for your body not and the level of how effective, because this problem only you perceive.

You should aim to listen to the body to find the effective method when treating chronic diseases. This just helps you avoid the risks when applying the wrong treatment can just active the disease progresses more severe.

2. Set limits for yourself

In the process of treatment of chronic diseases, the set limits for the body is very important. You take the test, taking blood, measuring blood sugar, blood pressure… were a period of landmark limits to you recognize the pathological condition. Your body also so limited for you know you are in control of the disease at the level of how.

You can’t control the diabetes if the continuous use of foods that contain much sugar, or blood pressure disease if you frequently eat foods that contain a lot of salt. You let’s set the limit a day consumption of a moderate amount to improve the purchase form of the disease. However, you should avoid placing the limit too hard or make sudden changes with the body. Your body needs the familiar in each stage, so you put a limit target for people who are suffering from chronic disease in accordance with his body.

You set out the limited goal for people with chronic diseases to control the elements help improve the disease better, such as diet, workout, rest…

3. Remove feel disease

A number of peculiar disease may be related to body image as obese people are often prone to diabetes, or people with respiratory disease often can not physical activity is long. This group of people sometimes will feel guilt upon himself encountered the situation can not be like normal people and the more self-deprecating than when people tease. This problem can make the patient depressed, psychological factors can make the disease difficult to control.

It is important that you need to overcome is the inferiority that this is a problem can not be done immediately but need to have time. You can overcome the psychological barrier, thanks to elements inside and outside, you should self-promote themselves also need encouragement from loved ones.

Health and mental health are two factors that go hand in hand together to help you control the disease best. Let’s set a goal of thinking positive, you will be able to dispel all the guilt about the illness.

4. Arrange time to rest

For people, who are suffering from chronic diseases, health can not be equal to normal people, so you really need the rest. If you have such diseases as neurological disorders, heart, lung disease… all need the proper rest because if you overwork can cause disease becomes severe and difficult to control over.

Resting time is essential in anyone, especially in those who suffer from chronic diseases. However, you make a choice to rest in a sensible way. After work, you lay on the bed, hand use phone and for that is the rest, then this is not true. While resting, you need to relax your body, breathe deeply and avoid thinking much, at the same time you avoid embrace work, to create pressure stress for yourself.

Chronic diseases, however, difficult to treat, but you can still control the status of the disease by positive thinking and healthy lifestyle. You make set goals for who are suffering from a chronic disease to be able to treat disease better, okay!

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