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4 group tests hyperthyroidism help identify the disease

Tests hyperthyroidism help the doctor diagnose and find the cause of disease. The tests usually do is test how? They have what effect? You need to notice anything when testing? Invite you to learn.

When should you test for hyperthyroidism?

The thyroid gland responsible for manufacturing the hormone, thyroid (T3, T4). These hormones have roles, conditioning the body metabolism, help stabilize heart rhythm, body temperature… Amount of T3, T4 rise in the blood causing the metabolism is accelerated and causes many symptoms throughout the body. The patient can suffer the following symptoms:

– Sweating constantly, sweat even when doing nothing or being in cold rooms.

– See the too hot or too cold.

– Increase the number of times defecation in a day, goal loose stools.

– Muscle tremors, uncontrolled, seen most clearly in the 2 hands.

– Excessive anxiety, even anxiety disorders.

– Tachycardia, palpitations, palpitations.

– Rapid weight loss despite eating more.

– Exhaustion, weakness myasthenia gravis.

– Reduce focus, not completed, this had jumped to other work.

– Disorders of the menstrual cycle, the dear, lost business.

– Hair loss, hair thin, sparse, weak.

– Thin skin, easy to scratch.

– Sleep disorders, trouble sleeping, insomnia.

When suffering from the above symptoms, you should go to the doctor. You will be doing more tests to diagnose hyperthyroidism.

The group tests hyperthyroidism

Group test thyroid function

The doctor will take a blood sample of the patient and sent to laboratory to determine the levels hormones thyroid in the blood (TSH, T3, T4, FT4, FTI). This test is called test of thyroid function.

– TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone): Is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland to secrete to control the production of hormones of the thyroid gland. TSH born more or less based on the concentration of the hormone thyroid in the blood. If hormone thyroid in the blood, the less TSH will be born more to stimulate thyroid activity. When the hormone thyroid in the blood increases, then TSH will be more reduced. Therefore, those suffering from hyperthyroidism can amount of the hormone TSH in the blood is very low.

– T3 (triiodothyronine): Is a hormone that is thyroid produce have many roles in the metabolism of the body. This test is often used to diagnose and determine the level of light – heavy of hyperthyroidism. Patients with hyperthyroidism have elevated levels T3 high.

In some situations, such as women who are in pregnancy or taking contraceptive pills then both T3 and T4 together, but can you not get sick. You need to test the amount of T4 freedom besides TSH to accurately determine hyperthyroidism.

– T4 (thyroxine): Hormone primary hypothyroidism other. T4 in the blood have 2 shape: T4 attached to proteins and T4 free. T4 are freely the most important role to determine the thyroid function tests find T4 freedom called FT4 and FTI. People with hyperthyroidism will have the FT4 and FTI increase.

Hormone levels thyroid be compared with normal hormone levels in healthy people. The level of TSH and low levels of T3, T4 is high means you have hyperthyroidism. In case you get pregnant, the doctor will be based on FT4, FTI and high TSH low to diagnose hyperthyroidism.

Group tests to find the cause of hyperthyroidism

♦ Tests find antibodies to the thyroid gland:

The immune system helps the body fight the bacteria, virus. When this system produces the antibodies that attack the thyroid (damaged and stimulates the glands to increase activity) will cause hyperthyroidism disease. These antibodies are found when you are sick Basedow.

♦ Tests that measure the blood sedimentation rate can be used to check the status of inflammation in the body. Patients with hyperthyroidism due to thyroiditis there blood sedimentation rate high.

Thyroid ultrasound

This is tested, gentle, and effective. Tests are performed in the ultrasound room. Patients will be asked to remove all jewelry, electronic devices worn on the person, remove outerwear. Then patients lie down on the bed, the doctor or nurse will put a small pillow under the neck to reveal your thyroid. You will be smeared with gel lubricant. This Gel helps the ultrasound transducer slide over the skin without making you sore. The doctor will move this device in the neck area of your screen ultrasound will show images of this area.

The images on the screen help the doctor review shape thyroid. Thereby the detection of abnormalities in thyroid and other tumors, if any. In case of suspected hyperthyroidism due to thyroid cancer, the doctor requests further tests, a biopsy to diagnose cancer.

Scintigraphy thyroid

Scintigraphy thyroid can be used to find the tumor, tumor and thyroid nodules.

When preparing for a test, you will be asked to swallow or inject a small amount of radioactive iodine, radioactive substances this will be the thyroid absorbs and excretes.

Then you will go take pictures to see the thyroid gland has absorbed much radiation, the shape and size of the gland in order to diagnose the cause of hyperthyroidism and the severity of the disease to serve for the treatment.

After shooting, you need to note the following:

√ The side effects are usually swelling, red painful injection site.

√ Radioactive iodine will be discharged out of the body can through the urine within 48 hours. You should drink plenty of water and flush the toilet 2 times after going to the toilet during this time.

√ You need to avoid contact with children or pregnant women until radioactive iodine has been excreted out.

√ Women should not get pregnant, men should not make other people get pregnant within 6 months from after the test on.

Hyperthyroidism treatment

Hyperthyroidism is the disease treatable. Patient compliance with treatment will quickly return to his life. After there has been sufficient test results, the doctor will along with you best treatments most suitable.

There are 3 methods of treatment of primary hyperthyroidism: drug-resistant armor, drink radioactive iodine, surgery.

For hyperthyroidism, the patient should avoid the foods with lots of iodine, for example: seaweed, sea fish, especially mackerel, iodized salt…

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