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3 how to make dishwashing liquid natural protect your hands

You are concerned because the water in the dishwasher usually makes the skin dry assembly? If you didn’t know use gloves to wash dishes, you try it now how to make dishwashing liquid nature at home to keep hands smooth, too!

The habit of using the sink water with chemicals can harm the skin when in direct contact. In addition, if water dishwasher chemical is still left after washing, it will cause very bad effect to health.

Dishwashing liquid from natural ingredients will help you ensure the criteria safe and gentle to the skin hand. You can say goodbye to the gloves, entanglement as well as are not afraid the hand skin is dry assembled, eat the skin and itching.

There are many ways diy water sink simple and quick that you can apply at home. You just need to know how to combine between the natural raw materials available in the family. The raw materials usually used to make dishwashing liquid is lemon juice, vinegar, wheat flour, or even from lemongrass, linden end, grapefruit peel…

Here are three ways to do the sink water naturally has a cleansing effect, similar to the kind of dishwashing liquid normally that you can take advantage of the ingredients available at home.

1. How to make dishwashing liquid from wheat flour

Flour contains high levels of carbohydrates can effect oil suction grease extremely effective. In addition, the flour also works to lighten the skin of hands. You can own skin growing whiter by washing the dishes with a solution of dishwashing liquid from flour, vinegar and probiotics this.


  • 200g flour
  • 160g vinegar pet
  • 30g essences and coffee concentrates
  • 160g probiotics


This is one of the how to make dishwashing simple because you only need to prepare the raw material according to the dosage for available and mixing is complete.

Step 1: Split raw material

– Split all ingredients into two times to mix mix is evenly and easier.

Step 2: Mix ingredients

– You just mix all the ingredients together. Note that you need stirring vigorously and evenly to the flour, no lumps.

Step 3: preservation mixture

– Finally you put the mixture evenly into jars to have the spray faucet to convenient to use. Every time you wash, you only need take a amount of dishwashing liquid, just enough and wash as normal.

2. How to make dishwashing liquid from the lemon and vinegar

Not only bring benefits to provide vitamin C, lemon is also a cleanser ultra clean in the kitchen. In addition, the main component of vinegar is acetic acid solution, causing the vinegar into the detergent solution very well have the ability to clean easily the stains plaque and stains. Therefore, combination of two materials, this will give you a kind of water dishwasher natural help wash the pile of dishes.


  • 6 lemon
  • 500ml water
  • 100ml white vinegar
  • 1 cup of fine salt


For dishwashing liquid from the lemon and vinegar then you need to spend more effort to bring to a cook. When deciding to make the dishwasher this then you should pay attention to not burning the food, okay.

Step 1: File the lemon

– Rinse the lemons

– Cut the lemon into small slices

– Remove lemon seeds.

Step 2: boil the mixture of water and lemon

– For the whole part of lemon has been cut into the pan, pour water intrusion approximately the surface, then turn the heat to bring up to a boil.

– Boiling water, turn down the fire and simmer for about 20 minutes then take out. You remember the stir when boiling and add water if necessary to avoid burning.

Step 3: puree the mixture just boil

– Pour the lemon mixture just boil in a blender, pour water, horizontal surface

– Carefully grind until the mixture is lemon puree out.

Step 4: boil the mixture just grind and for vinegar, salt

– Pour the mixture just puree to the pan, simmer over medium heat until boiling, then add the vinegar and salt.

– Continue to cook over low heat for a period of 10 to 15 minutes and then turn off the stove.

– Allow to cool and put the mixture into glass jars for storage. You can preserved in refrigerator because to will fast corrupt.

3. How to make dishwashing liquid from lemongrass, Portuguese the and grapefruit peel

Portuguese the is often used to shampoo, so you can rest assured that this is a solution of dishwashing liquid extremely safe with the skin. How to make dishwashing liquid from the combined feature cleaning of the with essential oils from grapefruit peel and fragrance of lemongrass will bring you a kind of dishwashing liquid, but capable of cleaning high.


  • 200g Portuguese the
  • 5 – 6 plants citronella
  • Grapefruit peel (as much as possible)


Similar to dishwashing liquid made from lemon juice and vinegar, this is the dishwasher water is required to stage using heat, so you need a little attention when cooking to be able to complete aqueous wash this cup.

Step 1: Cook the pigeon, the

– Portuguese the wash.

– Then you to dry and baked to the ripe and fragrant.

– Next, you smash contusion expected to grill and place in a saucepan cooked with water.

Step 2: primary processing of lemon grass and grapefruit peel

– Lemongrass and grapefruit peel wash.

– Then cut lemongrass and grapefruit peel into small pieces. Note: You should cut as small as possible to be able to get more oil the most.

Step 3: Cook the mixture

– For all the ingredients into a pot and add 1 volume of water just right.

– You cook until the water has black color and special is was. Note: When cooking you need to stir constantly to avoid burning.

Step 4: Filter out the scum

– Finally, you allow to cool and filter out trash and take the water into a jar of glass to use.

Note when using water dishwasher natural

Dishwashing liquid diy has many advantages such as mild to hand skin, the cleaning ability is also very high and also safe for health. However, you also need to note some points to remember to avoid the limited of this kind of water washing this cup.

1. Use only a sufficient amount of

Although this type of water dishwasher safe for health, you still need to worry about dosage when taking. If you use too little water to wash the dishes then the dishes will rest stains, harmful for you when used.

Conversely, if you use too much water dishwasher not only wasteful but also need to rinse away rinse with water several times to avoid residual water dishwasher on widgets.

2. Specifies the expiry date on bottle

Because water dishwasher diy is made from the natural ingredients and no preservatives, so time of use is also very limited. The majority of the type water dishwasher diy should only be used during the week.

You should let water wash the cups in the refrigerator to be preserved longer and need to remember the duration of use. To ensure, you can specify the term used on note paper and glued to a water bottle dishwasher diy.

3. Dishwasher water do not kill bacteria

The cleaning power of dishwasher water biology quite well. However, you need to use dishwashing liquid chemical to be able to eradicate completely the bacteria as well as clean odor stubborn like fishy fish, fish sauce…

In addition, if you miss to dishes be dirty for a long time, new wash then you should use to the dishwasher water is usually instead of water dishwasher diy, because at this time the bacteria multiply pretty much. Typically, to increase the cleaning effect, you can add water dishwasher have the ability to kill bacteria high in the water dishwasher diy.

If you have available raw materials, how to make dishwashing liquid naturally also quite simple and fast. So, you should apply to be able to protect the skin and limit the toxic accumulation in the body. In addition, in the case of running out of water dishwasher chemical that you not going to buy it water dishwasher natural is also a way to “fire” up, you know.

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