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16 kinds of plants in water for extra freshness

If you like plants that don’t have much time to care, you can choose a number of crops such as betel mrs. gold, hyacinth, mint, basil… Let’s find out more what kind of tree planting in the country to bring fresh space in your room, okay!

A few potted trees in the home will help the space cozy and more spectacular, but not everyone is patient enough to dig the soil, fertilizing, watering for plant care. Solution to you just have a green corner in the house just not to miss too much time as these crop in the country because these plants easy to grow that back just a little water to live.

1. Garlic

Garlic is a spice easy to make and almost every house has, but you know you can plant a type of “green” from the cloves of garlic? If you give a clove of garlic in water, garlic cloves will sprout green after some time. The green shoots can this dress be should you get off the buds is to eat the same salad, okay.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage cooked is quite delicious and you can grow this plant at home, even when only the roots of the tree. You put the roots of corn and cabbage in a bowl of shallow water and wait for the cabbage leaves slowly grow out. Some time later, you will have both a corn cabbage green.

3. Green onions

All what you need is a glass of water and a few roots of green onions that can be grown this vegetable before. If planted properly, you will not need to buy green onions again, which is always available spices this at home.

4. Carrots

The effect of carrot for kids has long been recognized, but you know the green leaves on the carrot tops are edible? If you want to try this card, then try planting it anyway.

When cooking carrots, many people often peel away the tops, the green leaves on the tops to go away. Instead of wasted carrot tops so you put the flame this into a bowl of shallow water and wait for the green leaves sprouting up. When leaves have sprouted, you can cut the leaves to make this salad.

5. Leeks

Leek is a kind of spices much nutrition, but also helps the dish more delicious. If you like spices this, then let’s learn how to grow leeks at home. When cooking leeks, please keep the stem about 5cm, and then put the stem in water and wait for the garlic plants grow back.

6. Mint

Mint is a spice suited to for on tea, served with sweets or processing the sauce. This is also a very easy plant to grow because you just need to put root mint in water is that plants can grow and then.

7. Basil

Basil is an herbal you but you don’t need to spend too much money to buy this plant. You just need to remove a few stalks of basil in a glass of water, wait for the stalks of this root, and bring the seedlings come planted to the ground.

8. Rosemary

If you want to plant for yourself a tree of rosemary in the house, be prepared few sprigs of this plant and then put into the water. After some time, roots will appear and you just carry this tree growing in the ground is going to have a potted rosemary green.

9. Tulips

Many people think that tulips difficult to grow and can only be grown in the garden with the soil type it’s good. However, you can still grow this plant in the house. You just need to put bulbs of tulips in a vase with little water and wait for the tubers off the roots. When flower bulbs were out by the roots, you just plant in the ground, okay.

10. Hyacinth

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United water hyacinth can grow easily without the need to land. You buy seed tubers flower hyacinth about quitting in the aquarium or a basin of water is going to be the dust of flowers it is exquisite and beautiful.

11. Hyacinths

You can easily grow these flowers hyacinths, also known as the united first he in the house. You buy a bulb flower hyacinths and then plant in the country where there is sufficient light. After some time, the bulbs will sprout roots and grow into flowers.

12. Lan hue

This is a type of flower you can plant in water very easily. All what you need is a radish seed, a vase, a few stones to hold the bulbs and water. You please pour gravel into the jar, place the seed tubers up gravel and then pour just enough water that the tree can grow.

13. Papyrus

Papyrus quite like palm trees and this is one of the types of trees you can plant in the country. You just need to drop a few stalks of papyrus into the water and wait for roots development is there was a period of green in the room.

14. Tree phat loc

Phat loc plants grow quite fast, are grown both in soil and in water. You just need a vase full of water is can be grown by this plant. You buy the phat loc on the plug into the basin of water has decorative gravel is trees can grow well.

15. Betel mrs. gold

Tree betel mature blonde usually live in the soil, but you can also bring this tree growing in the water. This is a plant extremely easy to live and can green fresh despite a lack of sunshine. You buy a branch betel mrs. gold and plug in a vase of water to decorate the room yourselves.

16. Nightshade code

Nightshade code is usually not a tree planted in water but need land to live. However, this is an easy plant to grow and can also live in water, so you try to decorate this tree without soil see stars okay.

You can find few sprigs of nightshade code and plug in a vase of water to tree branch grows roots. However, when living in the country, tree transparent code may not grow as fast as when you plant in the ground.

A room with blue will help you feel more relaxing when returning home. So, despite not having the time taking care of the crops in the ground, you also get some decorative plants in the country. This is what kind of tree does not require much care but also can provide food for you, too.

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