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12 exercises help you push back cravings

Are you planning on losing weight but very hungry and hard to resist cravings? Try performing these exercises help you push back cravings for effective weight loss, okay!

A hunger appeared, unexpected can cause you to pamper yourself with these dishes are not healthy and neglect training. If you want to lose weight effectively, spend 5 – 10 minutes to perform a number of exercises help you push back the appetite in a simple way following.

1. Exercise breath of frog

This is an physical exercise instruments simply originates from China help you lose appetite quickly while in the diet regime.

You do the exercises according to the instructions:

– Anti-elbow on a small table or seat for the upper torso parallel to the ground.

– Take a deep breath at the same time sunken belly as much as possible, then hold for 3 – 4 seconds.

– Breath and relax the abdominal muscles.

– Repeat 10 times.

If done this exercise before meals, cravings will disappear very quickly and you will tend to choose more healthy food is fast food.

2. Exercises frog swaying on the wave

This exercise focuses on the abdominal muscles and help you can cut portions without feeling hungry.

You follow the instructions:

– Lie on your back, raise both legs up off the ground and keep both feet parallel to each other, two-handed knitting left on the head.

– Co feet on the two hands towards the pins.

– Breathing stars to stretch the chest.

You should perform this exercise before each meal as reduce servings daily of his.

3. Exercises lotus

Exercises lotus or also known as the lotus posture is the last extension of the 2 above exercises, to help you control breathing and his thoughts.

You follow the instructions:

– You sit, folding 2 foot back knee towards the 2 wing-like shower, keep your back straight.

– Hold the posture for 5 minutes and focus feel the process of deep breathing.

4. Exercise downward facing dog

Yoga has the effect of reducing cravings to 51%, so you can try exercises downward facing dog (downward dog) can help you feel full longer throughout the day.

You follow the instructions:

– Kneel on both feet and both hands, knees enlarged by the hips. Arms wide open by the shoulders, fingers spread wide.

– Use of force, arms slowly pushed up high, legs straight.

– Move both hands up the front, back legs backwards to stretch the body. Squeeze the thighs when moving.

– Hold the pose from 1 to 3 minutes, focusing on breathing.

5. Exercise cobra

Exercise cobra or also called the cobra in yoga is also one of these exercises help you push back the cravings very effectively.

You follow the instructions:

– You keep your body in downward dog, as above.

– Gradually shifted to the posture lying on his stomach and slowly raised his head, keeping the neck straight like cobra.

– Hold this posture for 15 – 30 seconds then return to downward dog.

6. Plank exercise

This is a familiar exercise to help you lose belly fat effectively but also can repel the urge to eat quite well.

You follow the instructions:

– The eyes look straight, hands against the floor into a 90 degree angle.

– Back and legs form a straight line, two feet close-ups, and stretching of back, nose, legs, toes up.

– You start to tighten abdominal muscles and hold for 1 minute.

7. Exercises tree

Exercises tree or also known as posture tree is a yoga posture brings many benefits for health and help you lose the appetite.

You follow the instructions:

– Stand up straight back and both hands facing back, place two parallel side body.

– Lift one foot up and the soles of the feet, this on thighs in your foot rest.

– Close-ups, two hands in the praying posture and hold as long as possible.

– Then switch legs and perform the same.

8. Exercises half boat

Exercises half boat will help you to train your abs and push back the appetite quite effectively.

You follow the instructions:

– Sit on the carpet and the legs straighten.

– Inhale deeply and simultaneously raise both legs up off the mat a little, straighten your legs and put your hands forward.

– Hold this posture for a few seconds.

9. Exercise plow

Exercise plow or also known posture the plough, however, quite complicated but can help you relax very well.

You follow the instructions:

– Lie on your back on the floor, 2 hand swept under the body, palms facing down.

– Inhale, use lower abdominal muscles to raise your legs up high an angle of 90 degrees.

– Use hand fighting to the hips to assist in lifting the hips up off the floor.

– Slowly bring the leg reaching over the head and touch the floor.

– Keep your back perpendicular to the floor.

– Hold the pose from 30 seconds to several minutes, focusing on breathing. Then breathe out gently, lower the hips, and then lower the leg down.

10. Exercises warrior

Exercise warrior or also known as posture warrior there are many variations, in particular of which has a variation will help you push back the effective appetite.

You follow the instructions:

– You stand up straight, step left foot out then rotate the legs at a 45 degree angle.

– Squashed right knee and keep left leg straight.

– Dang straight two hands to the sides and hold the posture for few seconds.

11. Jump rope exercises

This is the push back appetite extremely simple and easy to file. According to a study in 2013, the men jumping rope will at least feel appetite more people cycling. The scientists also said that the tension in the muscles and bones will help repel the urge to eat more effectively.

You follow the instructions:

– You stand straight, hands holding the jump rope.

– Swing the rope and jump up.

12. Exercises lifting weights

Similar to jumping rope, exercises lifting weights also create pressure on muscles and bones and help reduce cravings. You should prepare the barbell has a weight fit the of to lifting.

Beside the exercises above, you can also set a number of high-intensity exercise, to repel the appetite. For example, after running fast for a minute, go jogging at slow speed over in about 4 minutes. Recipes this will help you load into less than 170 calories than those who exercise at a moderate level.

Exercises help you push back the urge to eat can also help your body more toned and healthier. Instead choose the tempting dishes to satisfy your cravings, try some postures can gently please.

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