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11 the scientific method helps to slow down the aging process and increase longevity

Aging is no longer worry about your own sisters, which has become the concern of all people. Some people try every way to slow down this natural process. If you are one of them then now you can feel rest assured. Scientists have to research and find out some methods that can help us extend the spring and slow down the aging process.

Let Hello Doctor learn more about the ways to slow the aging process with the help of science and modern technology, huh!

1. Remove the cells from aging

A group of scientists from the Mayo clinic, Usa, conducted the study on mice to find out the effect of the drug inhibits the aging (also known as therapy, life expectancy or senolytics). They discovered that these drugs remove cells from aging, has the ability to prevent cell damage, restoring physical functions, and extend the life of the old rats.

Meanwhile, last year, The biotech company Unity Biotechnology, United States, has launched the clinical trial, the first on humans to test treatments to prevent aging this. Their goal is to cure knee arthritis, a disease that relationship with the aging cells in the joint.

2. Genetic mutation

Have you ever wonder that why a number of species of mammals can live for so long? The researchers came from the United kingdom and Spain tried to find the answers for this question. They have linked the genes specific to the genome of the primate species live long years by using methods of bioinformatics. This is a field of science using the technology of the industry, applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry, and biochemistry to solve biological problems.

They have discovered 25 mutations genes that participate to the process of wound healing, blood clotting and cardiovascular treatment. Now, they want to use these results to study the aging process in humans.

3. Biomarkers of aging

Biomarkers (Biomarker) is an indicator of measurement is the severity or presence of some disease state. Biomarkers can merely chemicals, such as glucose, is the hallmark of diabetes mellitus, gene or DNA marker is the hallmark for the disease related to genetic.

Steve Horvath, a specialist in bioinformatics, has research to create the characteristics of reliable biological age. Last year, Horvath and a group of researchers has developed a biomarker new about aging, which they called DNAm PhenoAge. It’s much better than the biomarkers ago and can predict the different outcomes of aging, including both mortality due to cancer or Alzheimer’s.

4. Stem cell therapy against cancer and diabetes

The researchers were able to store some of the stem cells certain and can stimulate these cells develop into the proper authorities. The stem cells preserved in low temperature conditions. When needed, these cells will be used to reconstruct the cells and tissues.

One of the start-up (startup) launched in 2018 was involved in the development of this therapeutic by using stem cells to treat diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, diabetes mellitus…

5. Soften the wrinkles in the cell nucleus

When older, we are often only interested in the wrinkles on the face. But there is a problem to be concerned over the privacy is wrinkles in the nucleus of cells.

2018, the researchers from the University of Virginia, Usa, discovered that most of the agents of aging, as fatty liver disease, may be the result of the appearance of wrinkles in the cell nucleus, causing the nucleus to become bent and wrinkled. The wrinkles that appear can affect the activity of genes, making it is false.

According to their research, the virus can be modified to provide lamin (intermediate filaments) for human cells. Lamin is a protein fiber supply function structure and conditioning of transcription in the cell nucleus, from which can soften and smooth the wrinkles cells.

6. 3D printed human tissue has capillaries

On July 6 2018, Prellis Biologics declared that they can in the tissue are capillaries of human life. The pattern had in can be used to implant. This progress will help we can in the internal organs important and replace them for the parts were old, sick or deformed. This will help to significantly reduce the death state due to no organs to transplant.

Recently, Israeli scientists have successfully used a 3D biological printer to create a heart complete with tissue and blood vessels like heart people, not only opens new perspectives for patients in need of heart transplant that gives the patient needs a transplant organ to another.

7. Transfer genes

In the past few years, researchers have achieved great achievements in the treatment and prevention of disease by removing the cells from aging or the cells have stopped dividing. Scientists have used methods of transferring genes and conduct original experiments on mice.

2018, 2 groups, independent study, have used methods for transferring genes to prevent degenerative nervous. Continuation of these results, scientists from the Mayo clinic conducted a study of how to get rid of brain cell aging in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, prevent brain degeneration.

A other lab used method to transfer genes to destroy old cells in the brain of mice that been exposed to herbicides, the cause is mainly caused Parkinson’s disease in humans and mouse. Results of research shows therapy transfer this gene bring about the signal potential in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in rats.

8. Blood transfusion anti-lost memory

In an experiment, it was found out that the transmission of the blood from the mouse non into the mouse, old has stimulated neurons and stem cells in the brain of mouse, old. This can completely change the effects of the aging process. Also from here has appeared the project start-up named Ambrosia, this project allows the patient can pay 8.000 dollars to buy blood plasma from young people.

Although the results of the test are not really clear and there are many comments opposed the project Ambrosia, a clinical research remains to be done. Results obtained from this study are surprising. Biomarkers of the elderly Alzheimer’s disease and other cardiovascular problems, shows there is significant improvement. However, unfortunately, in some patients, the effect did not last long.

9. Mental health

Status, psychological disorders (or mental disorders), including the abuse of stimulants, may accelerate the aging process. A study published on January 8, 2018 has analyzed more than 60,000 images tomography of the brain of the people from 9 months to 105 years of age. A group of researchers, including scientists from Google and the Johns Hopkins University, Usa, have discovered that the cause of premature aging is due to:

  • Schizophrenia (average reduction of 4 years life expectancy)
  • Abuse of cannabis (2.5 years)
  • Bipolar disorder (1,6 year)
  • Hyperactivity disorder attention deficit (1.4 years)
  • Alcohol abuse (0,6 months)

Added to that, they also found that depression does not have anything related to the status of aging high-speed.

10. Diet

Scientists have proven that reducing calorie consumption can actually slow down the aging process and reduce the risk of diseases related to aging. A study was done in the year 2018 shows the time and amount of food you eat has anti-aging and reduce the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer and dementia. Scientists advise that you should eat according to the mode of “fasting interrupted” (intermittent fasting).

11. Lifestyle

We’ve heard every day about the benefits of eating according to sensible diet, exercise and avoid bad habits. 2018, one has to prove that these things really can help extend your life expectancy by 10 years.

A study carried out in 34 years has shown that if people quit smoking, keeping body mass index (BMI) in the range from 18,5 to 24,9, exercise 30 minutes each day, reduce the amount of alcohol consumption and follow the healthy diet then men can last another 12 years of life expectancy, there are women is 14 years.

Aging has become a concern of many people. Fortunately, scientists around the world have attempt to find ways to help “reverse the condition of aging,” and help increase life expectancy for humans.

However, the most practical way to defend themselves in front of “power of time” the key is to maintain healthy lifestyle and follow sensible diet. Don’t wait for the intervention of science and technology, main you can also “fight” and win with aging from now on. Hope that Hello Doctor has provided you the necessary information on how to slow down aging and increase human life expectancy thanks to scientific engineering.

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