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11 step examination of thyroid usually many doctors apply

Clinic thyroid often will help you to timely detect the unusual performance such as shape, size of the tumor… to have medical intervention in a timely manner.

The thyroid gland located in the front of the neck and hormone production endocrine into the blood to support the functioning of other parts. Though the department is very small in the endocrine system but thyroid role quite important. When the thyroid gland produces too much hormone will make you sick hyperthyroidism. On the contrary, the thyroid gland secretion less hormone will cause hypothyroidism disease.

11 step examination of thyroid usually many doctors apply

We should regularly monitor the thyroid health to prevent the dangerous disease, difficult to treat, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, thyroiditis… usually, when examination the thyroid gland, the doctor will perform the 11 following steps:

Step 1: Start

Visit the medical history of the patient whether they have ever suffering from thyroid disease yet. Then the doctor wash your hands and start the exposure in the cervical region of the patient.

Step 2: visual observation

Track the original of the patient during the visit, as condition skin and hair, the voice what’s unusual or not, the process of swallowing saliva is normal and the patient has been sweating or not?

Step 3: Check the other parts

Thyroid dysfunction activity can cause many problems in other parts. So, when exploring thyroid doctor will also at the same time check the operability of various parts of the body. First, the doctor will start with the hands.

You are sitting on a chair, leaning back, raise your 2 hands parallel in front, palms facing, then put 1 sheet of paper horizontally on 2 hands is set to check if the hands are sweating or shivering, unusual or not.

Your nails will also be watching to see if you are suffering from edema syndrome mucosa tibia or not. This is a syndrome, very rare, usually only happens in people who suffer from complications due to disease in the thyroid gland.

Step 4: test heartbeat

Patients with thyroid disease often have heart palpitations irregular or frequent palpitations.

Step 5: Checking the overall

In this step, the doctor will observe the whole head, the neck of the patient, but pay special attention to the thyroid area. Doctors usually sweeping from the front and above to search for the unusual in this area as bump, the size difference…

Step 6: Check operation swallow

The doctor will give you a glass of water, and then observe when you drink and swallow the water in. The movement of the thyroid will help your doctor find out many different causes.

Step 7: Checking from behind

This step can cause you pain, so doctors will often let you know they will do what from the rear so you don’t feel unexpected. To begin, physicians use 2 hands wrap round your neck and then perform the next few operations expertise to the thyroid gland.

Step 8: check the length of the thyroid gland

In this step, the doctor will perform the operation to determine the length of the 2 lobes of the thyroid gland. If a thyroid patient has a tumor, the doctor will visually check the shape and state of the tumor that watch them hard or soft, can move or not.

Step 9: Check the eyes and lymph nodes

This step is still to be done from behind the neck patients. At this time, the doctor will check the operation of the lymph nodes around the thyroid gland. Then the doctor moved forward to look into my eyes see the patients there are suffering from eye syndrome convex or not. Bulging eyes is another sign of the disease hyperthyroidism.

Step 10: Check flow of blood

This is the final test until the thyroid. People with hyperthyroidism disease have blood flow increase higher than normal.

Step 11: synthesis of results

In this step, the doctor will inform you know the unusual, the risk of suffering from thyroid diseases of you and guide you how to take care of the thyroid out. If you have thyroid disease, doctors will also notice the severity of the illness you are suffering and given the treatment options suitable.

There should check thyroid at home?

Though you can see the shape his thyroid when the mirror or touch is the thyroid gland when touching the neck, but you absolutely should not be self-examination of thyroid at home.

The visits to the thyroid due to experienced doctors and medical knowledge made to accurately capture the irregularities in the thyroid gland. Who have no medical knowledge will not be able to get the correct diagnosis when examination of thyroid at home.

Moreover, when is specialist doctor, clinic, thyroid, you may be asked to do some additional testing procedure then to find out the exact cause leading to these abnormalities in the thyroid (if available). If doing this at home, you don’t have enough equipment, machinery, cater for that demand.

Clinic thyroid now?

In ho chi minh CITY. HCM, you can become a thyroid in one of the following hospitals:

Cancer hospital

Address: 3 no Trang Long, Ward 7, District Binh Thanh.

Work time: 6h30-16h30 from Monday 2 to Sunday.

Hospital University of Medicine and pharmacy

Address: 215 Hong Bang, Ward 11, District 5

Work time: 6h30-16h30 from Monday, 2 to 6th; 6: 30-12h00 Saturday 7.

Hospital Gia Dinh people’s

Address: 1 no Trang Long, Ward 7, District Binh Thanh.

Working time: 7h00-11h30 and 13h00-16h00 from Monday 2 to Sunday.

People’s hospital 115

Address: 527 su Van Hanh, P. 12, Q. 10.

Working time: 8h00-17h00 from Monday 2 to th 6.

If you are living in Hanoi or other provinces in the North, you can discover the thyroid gland in one of the following hospitals:

Endocrine hospital Central

Base address 1: Lane 215 Ngoc, Tu Hiep, Thanh Tri.

The base address 2: No. 80, lane 82, Yen lang, dong da.

Working time: 6h00-17h00 from Monday 2 to th 6.

K hospital Ha Noi

Base address 1: 43 Bar, Attorney, Ward hang Bong street, Hoan Kiem District.

The base address 2: Achievements List, P. Tam Hiep Ward, Thanh Tri.

The base address 3: 30 the Hump, Tan Trieu Ward, Thanh Tri.

Working time: 8h00-17h00 from Monday 2 to th 6.

Hospital, Thanh Nhan hospital

Address: 42, Thanh Nhan Ward, Hai Ba Trung.

Working time: 8h00-17h00 from Monday 2 to th 6.

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