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10 ways to help you safe when driving a car

Those who new driver car can confused don’t know should control the car out why new safe and right way. Actually, how to drive somewhat safe not too difficult if you adhere to traffic laws and stay in good health.

The process of driving car can be very difficult because you do not know should control the speed, how to adjust a mirror or how the wheel now. So you let Hello Doctor learn the way to drive a car safely you need to adhere to limiting traffic accidents, okay.

1. Regular car maintenance

Going maintenance of the car periodically not only keeps the car durable, but also help you drive more safely. Mechanic maintenance will help you check and repair these parts, no longer good to ensure your car no matter what while traffic on the road. Every car manufacturer has scheduled its own, so you need to remember about this time to go check right appointment.

However, you need to get your car checked out if you have issues, not need to wait for the next installments periodic maintenance. The details you need to pay attention to detect problems timely when driving is:

• Tires: Tires are the problem is one of the causes you to danger. You will be hard to control the car if the tire is too stretched, too soft or pressure between the tire unevenly. Condition the tires are worn out can also be dangerous should you need to replace in a timely manner.

• Win a car: You need to check the brakes if you see win too “soft” and the brakes are too easy or if the car is vibrating when win. This is the sign that victory has been worn or machinery in the car have a problem.

2. Wear a seatbelt when the car

You can keep your safety when driving a car by safety belt regulations. A number of statistics show that more than half of deaths due to car accidents as those who don’t use seatbelts when sitting in the car.

Safety wire helps you not lean forward and collide with the windshield when not braking. If not wearing a seatbelt, you could suffer a head injury or fracture if subjected to impact with car door or windshield though are driving with low speed. Consequences when high speed driving without wearing a seat belt was much more serious.

3. Always focus on driving

Using your phone while driving not only violate traffic rules but also put yourself in danger. If using your phone while driving, speed your reaction to the situation on the road may be slower to 20%. You will be difficult to handle up when there are other cars suddenly change lanes, or the sudden appearance on the road.

In addition to mobile phones, you also need to avoid the actions that cause loss of concentration when driving other cars such as food, drink, makeup, toying with people in the car… These actions also prevent you from to handle up the situation on the road.

4. Do not drive when sleepy

A study by scientists at the University of Virginia Tech (United States) carried out indicate that 20% of car accidents are due to drivers driving while sleepy. The situation, the driver dozing off while driving also have consequences extremely pitiful.

Even when driving on straight lines and little obstacles, you can also lose control and hit trees or eel (separators) if lack of alertness. Even you just yawned a few seconds can also neglect the observation of sugar and increase the risk of an accident.

The situation of not enough sleep per night will make you feel lethargic and less focused while driving. Moreover, the shortage of sleep also causes a weakened immune system, and mood not good. So, you try to get enough sleep 8 hours each night to stay awake, have fun all day.

You can find out more: Lack of sleep affects how the brain of you?

If you feel sleepy while driving, ask someone to drive for. If you go it alone or those who go along don’t know how to drive a car, you need to stop a row of bars have a place to rest.

5. Don’t drive too speed regulation

You drive as fast, then the risk of an accident when driving a car the rise. Going faster than the specified speed of about 15km/h only helps you arrive sooner than a few minutes, but increase the risk of an accident by up to 50%.

So should you obey the rules on speed for the car. When driving a car, you need to remember the maximum speed as follows:

In densely populated areas

– The two-way or one-way separators: 60km/h

– The two-way or one-way no divider: 50km/h

In the less populated

– The two-way or one-way separators: 90km/h

– The two-way or one-way no divider: 80km/h

How to drive car with speed just right, the right rules will help you to keep the reasonable distance with the car ahead. Keeping a safe distance will help you to process timely when the car in front of the turn, change lanes or stop suddenly…

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Instead of rush driving and violation of speed regulations, please depart early to not be late for work.

6. Don’t drive when drunk

Driving after drinking alcohol is a violation of traffic laws should be able to cause you to be fined very heavy. Moreover, there are many car accidents happen just because the driver drunk while driving. So, simple way to stay safe when driving is not to drink alcohol when participating in traffic.

In addition to the harm to health, alcohol can reduce reaction speed when you drive your car quite a lot. If you drink a lot of wine, beer also can affect vision and even cause you to lose control.

Byou can learn a lot by limiting alcohol without offending your friends. If you want to drink wine, beer, and ask people not to drink, carrying her about or call a taxi to safer, okay.

7. Drive more carefully when the weather is bad

You need to be more careful if you have to drive when rain, storm or dense fog. When the weather is not favorable, you need to drive slowly, maintain greater distance with the vehicle in front and turn more slowly. Tkiosks, most of all, you should get out of the road during the bad weather days. Raining unexpectedly while driving, causing you to lose vision, so you look for shelter to wait out the rain tire.

8. Holding the steering wheel properly

You imagine the wheel as the digital clock with the hour markers from 1 to 12. Many people like to put the hands at 10 and 2 hours, but this is not the way to drive a car safely. If you put your hand in this position, you hardly hold the steering wheel firmly in the road rugged or steering doesn’t keep up when the road in the turns.

You should put your hands at 9 and 3 hours or a little lower is position 8 and 4 hours. These positions help you control the wheel better and keep the car more stable though go on the bumpy road. This is also the location most pleasant when you have to hold hands in a long time.

9. Adjust the mirrors of the car

You can limit a vehicle’s blind spot by adjusting the rearview mirror of the vehicle. You adjust the stars for the mirror between vehicles we can cover windscreen rear. You should also adjust the mirror two side car stars for vision widest. To ensure vision, you should not put the pet too big in the trunk because of this can cause you to not see the car go after her through the rearview mirror.

10. Driving the car so much

Practice driving is often a way to help you master important skills like steering, switching lanes, parking properly… So you learn to drive a car seriously and practice a lot to honed skills. When already familiar with the skills to drive a car, you will not only feel more comfortable when sitting in the car, that also handle the situation more accurate. At the same time, if you are female, you avoid wearing high heels when driving.

When keeping the health stable and mentally awake, you will be able to drive a car more safely without the fear of unexpected situations on the road. You should also note compliance with traffic laws to protect themselves and the same people involved in traffic, okay.

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