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10 tips to pamper yourself without costly

You said that it hard to pamper myself when too busy or meager income? Actually, you can still take care of yourself a way save or completely free, you know!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money traveling, or on a luxury spa can take care of themselves real well. You can try experience 10 recipes pamper yourself easy which in turn saves here.

1. Pamper yourself with dark chocolate

Chocolate sweet, tasty again aroma will help your mood a lot more comfortable. Moreover, dark chocolate is also very beneficial for health if you eat a moderate amount every day.

Only need to eat about 30g of dark chocolate each day can help you lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

You can buy 1 bar of dark chocolate with price less than 100.000 dollars but delicious and good for health. This is a dish you can buy and eat right to pamper yourself in times of stress, fatigue.

2. Pamper yourself with scent

Therapy scents is using fragrance from plants, herbs to bring back the pleasant, relaxing or help you improve your health physically and mentally. Many studies also proved the effect of improving the mood of the natural essential oils.

To apply therapy the scent, you can buy some essential oils I like to mix in bath water, massage or jewelry to the skin instead of expensive money to go to spa.

In the evening when going to bed, you can sprinkle few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to enjoy the pleasant aroma.

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3. Pamper yourself by that

Sometimes busy life with work, children, housework makes you forget you also need to compensate for feelings with the other half. So, you let life slow down and spend him a kiss, intense and gestures lovingly to the end of the day. Even, two you can try the sexual position on the bed.

It not only helps you burn calories but also reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and warming affection between two people.

4. Pamper yourself with comedy

On those leisure days want to pamper yourself, you can open a number of interesting comedy to watch. Watching movies at home just comfortable, which again is much cheaper than the out in theaters. Here is how you can “buy” a cheery smile, good for health with very cheap price or even for free.

The study showed a smile of real pleasure will help you reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve blood flow, aid digestion and stabilize blood pressure.

5. Pamper yourself by being active

While watching the film, you can take advantage of this time to do a few exercises instead of just sitting still. You can perform a number of movements, relax hands, legs, or back simple to the less fatigue. In addition, you also can scan, clean living space around to house clean and the mood is also more comfortable.

The gentle motor at home just not as costly as going to the gym but also help you to increase toughness and reduce stress very well.

6. Pamper yourself with a glass of hot tea

The aroma and the warmth of cup of tea has the effect of reducing stress very well. You can drink tea in the morning to start a new day, or organize afternoon tea with the friends.

A study showed that people enjoy about 950ml black tea per day for six weeks will secrete less stress hormone than those who drank juices with caffeine other.

Green tea also has the same benefits as black tea. You just remove a few tens of thousands buy a box of tea filter bags to brew the, when the stress is can pamper yourself a way save.

7. Pamper yourself with green space

You don’t need to spend money to go to the beach or hiking new get benefits on. You get up early to jogging in the park and enjoying the sunshine the first day. You can also lead the dog for a walk every afternoon to watch the green lawn ri.

If you have a garden, then spend an evening watering the plants, pruning for gardens of more green good. You will be surprised to find things simple, do not spend money can bring a feeling of peace and happiness to the world.

The green space of nature can help you feel serene and connected with yourself more.

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8. Pamper yourself with your friends

Friends brings feelings of warmth, safety, fun without money to buy. So every time you want to pamper yourself, you can invite your friends to eat, drink and chat. If not enough time, victims can call or text chat with friends is enough to reduce stress.

9. Pamper yourself with restful sleep

After the busy working day, you make yourself an evening to forget work and sleep. Sleep not only dispel the fatigue, but also help you in improving memory. So, a good night’s 7 – 8 hours per night is how to take care of yourself free you should practice every day.

10. Pamper yourself with a delicious treat

If you’ve eaten out a long time, then today did cook for her a delicious treat to enjoy a homemade meal, the. This dish does not need too picky that you can take advantage of the resources available in the refrigerator for processing stars for delicious.

You will not only satisfy taste buds but also provide the body the necessary nutrients when pamper yourself by cooking at home.

Pamper yourself with a glass of warm tea or a delicious home-made will bring the feeling of happiness simple. Rather expensive for the expensive trip or those spa luxuries, you just need to take care of yourself at home is enough!

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