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10 tips to help you handle the everyday problems in a clever way

Have you been in trouble with the jar of nail Polish is spilled, zippers broken or the phone battery from running out when it’s urgent? Let’s apply the know-how to handle everyday problems in a clever way to turn small talk into… nothing, okay!

Occasionally you have to face some troubles in life and daily activities, making you feel very uncomfortable and tired. You let Hello Doctor try to apply the 12 simple secrets to help you handle the everyday problems troubling me!

1. Wipe the stain of nail Polish

If you have ever painted nails at home, you will know that it is difficult to clean when the nail Polish spill from the vial. To troubleshooting this, first you should avoid to water the paint to dry, but wipe immediately by pouring a little water nail Polish remover and wait about 1 minute then wipe with a paper towel. If the paint is still adhesive on the inside surface, you can use hair spray and wipe off with a paper towel again. Finally, rinse with soap.

2. Save the phone battery

We all met status of the phone battery dying when you need may need to be used for important work or contact with relatives. To save battery, you just leave the phone in airplane mode. This operation will disconnect all connections to the Internet, GPS or even the software to run automatically often do loss source of your battery.

3. Take your pen runs out of ink

Sometimes the pen condition occurs most times when you are in need of used to. However, you do not need to worry because you can repair them easily by spraying a little deodorant the form of steam gas or alcohol inside the ink tube. With this little trick, you can continue to use these pens in a short period of time.

4. Prepare buffet

This is eating habits and gathered quite popular in today’s life. Especially for those who have small children or high requirements on diversity in the meal without enough time to prepare, for sure a buffet will suit your taste.

You can combine the cooking ingredients in many different formulas. Such as prepare a type of rice or pasta simple, then make more sauce variety and addition of other ingredients to make the dish more rich, such as meat, vegetables and seafood. Until there is demand, you just need to mix a few raw materials is a buffet, varied each day of the week.

5. Repair zippers

If the zipper lock is always clogged, causing you to drag forever is not you use soap or gel hair spray to fix by rub the surface of the zippers. This way will help you pull more easily.

6. Tear off the labels with a hair dryer

Hairdryer there are numerous various benefits that you can use to handle minor troubles every day. If you are having difficulty tear off the labels on the products you use a hair dryer to generate heat and degrease the glue, by drying, hot labels, removed gently and wipe off with a wet towel.

7. Mixed with water lemon juice fast

There’s nothing better than a nice cocktail from the stones lemon in very hot days. A few simple steps below will help you to have even a glass of lemonade cool in just a snap.

  • Squeeze the lemon take the water
  • Add sugar according to taste
  • Make the mixture viscous
  • Cut the lemon into small pieces
  • Pour into ice trays and put in the refrigerator.

You just took out a few stones lemon was made from freezer, mix in water and you’ve got even a glass of water with lemon attractive.

8. Remove the screws with rubber bands

If a screw has worn and you need to remove it, you put a rubber strip between the screws and the screwdriver will have better grip when twisting.

9. How to avoid sea sand sticky feet

Some people feel uncomfortable when the sand of the sea stick to the legs. To avoid this situation, you can apply a layer of chalk powder children up feet and the sand will no longer cling stick on your skin anymore.

10. Wipe off any ink on the hands

For those families with small children, problems, adhesive, ink on hand to young children occur quite common. To handle this trouble, you just use a little margarine to apply to hands and wipe off with a wet towel.

With the recipes on here, you can completely handle the daily problems in life more easily. Therefore, you remember to save to apply in your family when facing a similar situation, okay!

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