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10 signs of lack of iodine that your body is expression

There are quite many signs of lack of iodine that you can check to know I have suffering from this situation or not and give ways to improve.

Iodine is a mineral essential for body, which is the important part for the production of thyroid hormones. Our bodies need to be additional iodine from foods such as seaweed, dried plums, eggs and dairy products.

A shortage of iodine can lead to the unpleasant symptoms different. If not improved, the shortage of iot can become the cause of more serious diseases, such as cancer or heart failure. In this article, Hello Doctor will list 10 signs of lack of iodine the most common for you to get to know. If there are any symptoms, you plan to the doctor to find out the exact reason for it.

1. Having problems about hair, skin

Loss of hair and dry skin itching can be warning signs that your body is need more iodine. Type this mineral helps regulate moisture, stimulate wounds and scars, model, cold. Iot even slow down the formation of wrinkles. If you want to own a long hair and shiny, you take a supplement iot to support the regeneration of hair follicles as well as minimize the bad effect of environment.

2. Sensitive to the cold

Sun not cold, but you again hid themselves in coats and scarves or always complain that oneself feel chills, while others wear shirts and shorts? Seems like this is signs of lack of iodine that the body would like to suggest to you. If the body does not absorb enough of this substance, rate of metabolism will take place more slowly. From there, the body gradually less energy production to bring the warmth you desire.

3. Gain weight not control

Condition slow metabolism will not be too serious if the sensitivity to the cold is the only problem. But unfortunately, this also will make us increase excess weight. This condition affects the body to burn fewer calories than normal, though food habits don’t change. From there, excess calories will be stored as fat.

4. Languid and tired

Studies have shown that about 88% of those who have hormone levels low thyroid will feel languid and tired. If you find that the operation is often never done before, bring the body to exhaustion though you still get enough sleep, as well as do not tend to overwork, it is likely this is signs of lack of iodine.

Status constant fatigue is also located in the list indication of the metabolic processes take place slowly, causing the body not enough energy to maintain alertness.

5. Learning ability, memorization problems

According to a study done in 2014, thyroid hormone levels low will cause the area the hippocampus has a size smaller than normal. This is a part of the brain, help control long-term memory. If the body lacks iodine, the ability to learn or remember everything of you will meet many difficulties.

Moreover, metabolism can also affect the ability to process information and reaction of the brain.

6. Depression and anxiety

We often think that state of anxiety and depression intense only due to the physiological problems caused. In fact, this is misunderstood quite popular. Scientists confirm that the relationship between depression and thyroid disorders has long been proved in a clear way. If perceive itself tend to negative emotions, depressed more than normal, you should go to the doctor to be checked and find out the direction to improve.

7. Swelling of the neck

This is signs of lack of iodine most common. Neck swelling or goiter occurs if the thyroid gland becomes abnormally large. When the body does not receive the amount of iodine needed in the thyroid will not produce enough hormones and try to absorb this element from the blood.

The above process gradually makes the cells of the thyroid gland multiply and grow more than normal, causing our neck swollen.

8. Issues related to pregnancy

Pregnant women must pay special attention to the issue of additional iot in this pregnancy because at this time your body must provide the amount of this essential mineral for two bodies at the same time. Thyroid Hormone is very important for the baby before the baby is born. Shortage of iot will impact negatively on the brain development and intelligence of babies. Moreover, if lack of iodine the risk of stillbirth or miscarriage also increases.

9. Heart rhythm disorders

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Iodine deficiency is also related to the heart problems. Precisely speaking, the condition above leads to bradycardia. When experiencing this symptom, you may feel tired or dizzy, and even fainting.

10. Constipation

Seemed hypothyroidism are at risk affect both the digestive system of us. Scientific documentation confirming that the condition of hypothyroidism occurs due to lack of iot will lead to the phenomenon of reduced activity of the stomach and colon. That is why some people suffer from constipation when nutritional intake does not fully meet the necessary amount of this mineral. You will need to see a doctor if going to the toilet less than 3 times per week.

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