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10 personal items you should not be shared with anyone

Not few people think personal effects is the normal and be able to borrow when forget to bring. However, when you use share personal items with others, you can inadvertently spread the disease or infection from somebody.

There are a lot of personal items that you absolutely should not share with anyone else, even the ones in the family to avoid the risk of disease transmission. Hello, Doctor will same you score over 10 items personal items seemingly harmless but can cause serious illness when used in conjunction with others.

1. Cutting nippers nail

Although not visible to the naked eye but there is loads of bacteria, viruses and mold lurking on the fingers and your nails. Therefore, cutting nippers nails can easily become a tool of infectious diseases. If you use common nippers to cut the nail with other people, you will have higher risk of getting fungal skin diseases or virus infection HPV, is a virus that causes genital warts and cancer.

You should be careful when walking a manicure at the salon, it is best that you should bring your nippers to cut the nail itself.

2. Earrings

In your ear there are many blood vessels should be susceptible to diseases transmitted through blood if wearing earrings of others. To ensure safety when to use the earrings of others, then you should disinfect them with alcohol first.

When trying on earrings in shop, you should observe carefully to see double cotton are soiled with the blood of someone who has tried before you or not.

3. Lipstick

Under the surface of the lips also has loads of blood vessels. The Herpes Virus can be transmitted from one person to another when sharing lip balm or lipstick, even when people are carriers of the disease does not appear clear symptoms of the disease. Therefore, you should bring gift personal items in this bag to avoid borrowing someone.

If the general use lip balm with you are there are lesions in the mouth area, the lip skin, chapped… so they are infected with the Herpes virus, then this virus will have the opportunity to pass it on to you.

4. Trees tweezers

If you use tweezers to pluck a few hairs, then there is nothing to fear. However, if you use tweezers to remove ingrown hairs and is bleeding then you may encounter many serious illness that. In this case, the tree tweezers can become source of infection hepatitis C and HIV. If you don’t have any other choice but compelled to borrow tweezers of ai, then rinse thoroughly with alcohol.

You should be careful when using tweezers to pluck, because this can increase the risk of causing inflammation in the skin under the arm and cause damage, such as scratches or bleeding.

5. Bottle roll-on deodorant

Bottle roll-on deodorant can cause the serious infection that you can’t expect them to, especially when bacteria enter into the small wound after you waxing. The majority of deodorants only reduce odor but not have applications to prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, when you choose to buy deodorant bottles should choose type has more antibacterial effect and should not be shared with anyone else, even relatives.

You can use the deodorant form roll or transfer into a spray bottle. However, for both types, you all should let the deodorant dry before dressing, okay.

6. Soap


Soap will be deposited a lot of bacteria after every use, not only the bacteria harmless that all bacteria are dangerous. The worst thing is when you back to soap in the box is wet. It is because moisture will create an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to grow. To reduce the risk of infection, you should switch to using shower gel to limit the bacterial infection.

Soap when used in the sensitive areas such as enclosed areas, to create conditions for bacteria invading disease transmission from patients to healthy people.

7. Comb hair comb

You should not put the hair comb, for someone to use or borrow the comb the hair from someone. Comb hair comb may spread the parasites such as head lice, scabies, and even staph infections. If you must use a general strategy, be cleaned immediately with disinfectant before brush.

You should prepare a small comb, with mirror in a bag in case need to use and avoid having to borrow someone else’s.

8. Towels

Scarf is the ideal environment for bacteria reproduction, especially when hanging in the bathroom with high humidity. If your scarf has a musty smell, which means it was infected with mold and bacteria. Scarves which can make you infected with the fungus and the bacteria that cause rashes, acne and conjunctivitis. To remove this danger, you should wash it after about 4 – 5 times using and always to towel dry.

You have to remember to always expose the towel to dry more. In addition, you also don’t forget the bathroom often to limit the proliferation of bacteria.

9. Makeup tools

You should avoid to use makeup tool in contact with water eyes, nasal mucosa, saliva, blood or pustules. This also means that you do not use eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, lipstick and eyeshadow with anyone else. In addition, it is better you should not use the prototype was introduced at the cosmetic store.

If you ask someone makeup help then you should use the makeup kits of his own. You will not know which themed makeup has used that tool your points for how many people before you.

10. Headphones

Use gift personal this may increase the development of bacteria in the ear. The risk will increase if you use headphones during a workout, due to the heat and humidity will create conditions favorable for bacterial growth. When you use generic headphones, some bacteria such as streptococcus or staphylococcus can enter the ear and cause infection, pimples, pustules…

In cases reluctantly, if you still have to borrow headphones from someone, then use cotton balls dipped alcohol and wipe it clean.

The gift personal items seemed normal when you share with others, but can become contagious unexpected. So you remember to check carefully and always carry the personal items his side. Also in case you are forced to use in common with others, be sure to clean before using it.

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