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10 habits to help you healthy without dieting

These diets like low-carb or low-fat are always the favor for just help weight loss just avoid the food is not good for health. If you can maintain the physique and health without dieting, and?

A study published in the journal American Psychologist, concluded that diets in a short time absolutely does not bring the improvement about weight and health. Not only that, many scientists also prove that dieting actually negatively affect health.

So you let Hello Doctor seeking to maintain the physique and health without dieting, okay!

1. Eat eggs every day

A study on the international Journal of obesity shows that if combined diets low in calories with egg in breakfast, you will increase your ability to lose weight. This is due to the high protein content in eggs helps you not feel hungry for long time, from which less appetite than.

2. Focus when eating

You should not perform the other activities like watch tv or play game while eating because the focus when eating will help you eat less and consume fewer calories. Not only that, you will also pay more attention in choosing the healthy food that is not affected by environment, distinctly if not do other things during the meal.

3. Use cup saucer red

An experiment that you will eat less than if you use glass or red plate than when using a cup or saucer blue to eat the same rations. This can be because the human brain can be aware that red is the warning signs stopped and from that urge you to refrain from eating too much.

4. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly

People who eat quickly are often at risk of gaining weight than those who eat slowly. Habit of eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly will help you feel full longer even though the ration is quite less. To exercise habits eat slowly, you should start by counting the number of times to chew food and increase gradually over time.

5. Drink water regularly

Drinking water is a habit very important to keep your body healthy throughout the day. Drinking water before meals also help you lose weight effectively since you will no more stomach and limit the consumption of more calories.

A study has shown that those who drink half a liter of water 30 minutes before meals will eat less than usual. Not only that, the ability to their weight loss higher to 44% compared with those who did not drink water.

6. Avoid sugary drinks

Sugar is the biggest culprit cause a number of health problems such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular. With just one can of soda contains about 52g of sugar, your body has exceeded the limit consumption of sugar average per day is 37.5 g for men and 25g for females.

You should drink these beverages good for health as green tea or fresh fruit juice instead of drinks that are harmful contain sugar.

7. Chewing gum when hungry

Habit of chewing gum mint sugar-can help you reduce hunger, gnawing in the abdomen because the mint will numb the taste buds and reduce cravings. A study done at the University of Rhode Island showed that those who chewed gum consumed fewer calories at lunch and limit eating more in the evening.

8. Breakfast regularly

We often hastily prepare to go to work in the morning without skipping meals or not eating a full on meal first in the day. This habit is extremely harmful for health because breakfast not only provides energy to start new day but also reduce the incidence of diabetes, increased weight and risk of cardiovascular disease. Even the habit of eating breakfast regularly and on time also help you lose weight effectively.

9. Eat in a place with good lighting

Eat in places with good lighting helps you to choose more healthy food. Moreover, research done from many American universities concluded that when eating in places full of light, you will consume fewer calories than 39% compared to when eating in a place lack of light.

10. Split the meal

Instead of eating 3 major meals each day, you should divide into 6 small meals more. The separation ration will shorten the time between meals and thus helping you avoid overeating due to hunger. The time between meals too long can make amount of sugar in the body reduce power and you will crave to eat as well as eat more.

Dieting will cause the body does not have adequate nutrients and can lead to many health problems, physical as well as mental. So, what you need to do is change the way eat, more scientific body to stay healthy without dieting, okay.

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