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10 benefits of crying helps you feel more comfortable

You will feel more comfortable when crying because something upset or stress problem. Not only help you improve the mood benefits of crying also bring a positive impact on health by detoxify the body, balance emotions and improve eyesight.

Researchers have discovered that crying can bring benefits for both psychological and physical of these benefits start from when you’re born with born first. You let Hello Doctor learn 10 benefits of crying for health of you!

When you cry, tears will be secreted from lacrimal glands in the eyes. Tears are formed with many different reasons. There are three types of tears include:

• Emotional tears: Help you improve your mood, emotional balance.

• Tears reflex: Helps to remove substances such as smoke, dust from your eyes.

• Basal tears: This is the kind of tears are always in your eyes to maintain moisture and prevent infection.

1. Benefits of the crying helps to detoxify the body

When you upset or stress, the body will secrete the stress hormone cortisol are likely to cause damage to your health. Researchers have hypothesized that the benefits of crying will eliminate the stress hormone and toxins out of the system in your body, however this should be studied more.

2. Benefits of the crying helps to reduce pain

When you cry in a long time will release oxytocin and opioids, endogenous, also known as endorphins. These substances can help you reduce the pain, both physical and mental. Endorphin is considered is the natural painkillers of the body to help prevent pain and reduce discomfort. Oxytocin aka the love hormone can bring you the feeling of happiness.

3. Benefits of the crying helps beat bacteria

The crying helps keep your eyes clean and kill bacteria thanks in tears containing lysozyme. This is high-there are many in saliva, breast milk, tears… effect eliminate bacteria by destroying the cell membrane of bacteria. A study in 2011 showed lysozyme has strong antimicrobial properties to the extent that can help protect against anthrax.

4. Benefits of the crying helps to improve vision

Work, study all day cause dryness of the eyes. Tears will be secrete every time you blink, to help moisturize the eyes and prevent mucous membranes from drying. According to the National Eye Institute explains, the effect lubrication of basal tears help you see more clearly because, when the membrane is dry, your vision may be blurred.

5. Benefits of the crying improves mood

Your spirit can be improved after you cry. As you sobbed, you will breathe faster. Breathing much cooler air can help regulate and even lower the temperature of the brain. A brain cool will create a more pleasant feeling for the mind and your body, help to improve your mood.

6. Benefits of the crying helps create the connection

When you encounter a certain problem hard leads to crying, this is a way to let the people around know you are in need of support. Right from when I was a kid, when you cry someone will come alongside to help you. The crying helps you build social network support to improve the mood when in trouble. Anyone that you can share stories that will quickly create the connection with each other.

7. Benefits of the crying helps to overcome sadness

Anyone has ever experienced feelings of grief in different ways. When you feel grief, which is both a process of emotional mood cause pain mentally. The crying can help you improve your mood, clears away negative thoughts, sadness.

8. Benefits of the crying helps to balance the emotions

Not when you feel sad new cry, you can cry when extremely happy, fear or stress. Researchers at Yale University believe that crying in this way can help restore emotional balance. When you cry because you feel too happy or scared about something, this may be a psychological way you recover after experiencing a strong emotion.

9. Benefits of the crying helps baby breathe after birth

Cries for young, first time, hello life is very important. Usually, children receive oxygen inside the womb through the umbilical cord, but when be born, the young have to breathe. The first cry after birth is the lungs of the child adapted to life in the outside world. Besides, crying also helps the baby remove any excess fluid in the lungs, nose, and mouth.

10. Benefits of the crying helps support sleep

A small study in 2015 to see cry can help children sleep better. However, crying has a strengthening effect sleep for adults or not has not yet been studied. Crying with the effect self-soothe, improve mood and reduce pain can help you sleep easier.

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Crying is a normal reaction of the body when you have a bad mood. However, crying too much can be a sign of depression that you need to have the suitable treatment.

Along with the crying, you may encounter a number of symptoms of depression following other:

  • Feel a lack of energy
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Have thoughts about death or suicide
  • Aches unexplained
  • Feelings of sadness or despair
  • Feeling irritable or frustrated
  • Change in appetite or weight loss or weight gain

Many people often think a child crying is normal, even adults cry to show weakness. Actually, you should not try to restrain each story having sad too stamina of himself which should relieve the feelings by the tears if you want. You will be surprised to know that many people or cry even a strong-willed and the ability to better tolerate these people rarely fall tears!

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