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10 addictions you can have

Don’t think that only the addiction of alcohol, cigarettes or coffee new cause much harm. Addiction you’re probably more when easy to mistake the good for health as exercise, sun exposure or even… story blanket and pillow!

Sometimes the addiction you can have only revolves around the habit, widgets can make you happy. For example, initially you just want to relax by playing cards, shopping, or surfing the social network. Later, however, the sense of joy when winning a gamble, buy what you want or have comments on the social network that you can’t stop these things.

Let’s see if you are suffering from the addiction of the following is not in order to timely adjust the more healthy lifestyle too!

1. Addiction to exercise

A the effective exercise can help you overcome an addiction to sweets or phone addiction, but also can make you addicted to the process of workout. Exercise routine helps the brain secreting endorphins, so this can also be an addiction you’re probably right.

You need alternating a number of days to stay on schedule its exercise to the body has time to recover and avoid being exhausted. Furthermore, you should also limit restrictions when sick or injured.

2. Addiction to sweets

Can you each see the situation very sweet cravings and when to eat sweets and then can’t stop. This is because food contains more carbs, fats and sugars have the same effects as addictive substances on the brain.

However, you can occasionally eat chocolate or ice cream but the regularly eat sweets can lead to many health problems such as obesity or diabetes.

You can withdrawal addiction to sweets by choosing the sweet treats research as banana, label, grapes, dates… in Addition, you also need to control stress because when you stress, you will crave more sweets.

3. Shopping addiction

Anyone ever buy the things I don’t really need, but if it shopping this happens too much, then maybe this is an addiction you can have. That’s because your shopping will increase the amount of dopamine and help yourself have more fun. However, addiction to shopping or purchasing on the net may cause you to experience financial problems, in debt, and affects the social relationships.

You can curb an addiction to shopping by record daily spend to control the amount of money you have used and limit bring a lot of money in the.

4. Addiction to cosmetic surgery

Some people always worry I don’t have a round plump, do not have slender waist or nose not high enough and felt to have cosmetic surgery to change the cons this. This can be a sign of the inferiority looks or also called the syndrome of “fear of bad”. The patient is obsessed by the imperfections of shape and his self imagine.

You can find out more: inferiority in appearance (the syndrome of “fear of evil”) is what disease?

If you find yourself having signs of addiction to plastic surgery, then see a doctor to be done therapy, cognitive-behavioral, at the same time to coordinate with loved ones to take control of the addiction better.

5. Addiction phone

Signs of addiction to mobile phone is where you go also take your phone, keep your phone with you and check a few minutes at a time. This addiction can affect your life. You’ll probably have to work on weekends when messages are received from superiors or lost a relationship because don’t pay attention to people sitting are eating the same her that was texting.

You can cai phone by using a type of phone less functional, delete the application in the phone or participate in outdoor activities more.

6. Addiction sun

The UV rays in the sunlight cause the body to release endorphin, a substance that helps you feel happy. You can will feel very excited to be standing in the sunshine that ignores the risk of sunburn, blistered skin and skin cancer when exposed to the sun too long.

When out in the sun, you should apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat to minimize the negative effects of UV rays on the body.

However, whether you like the sun to where you do not also should go out at noon time in the sun most.

7. Addiction to gambling

Whether you to casino or online betting, the form of gambling this also increases the happy hormone dopamine in the brain in a short period of time and can be addictive. You will hardly abandon the feeling of rapture when loading is this beautiful or winning too much money. However, indulging in this can affect the financial situation, work and family life very much.

You can curb gambling addiction by avoiding the environment easily lead to gambling, and do not hold too much money.

When get bored and want to gambling, you make yourself a distraction from the addiction by playing sports or going out with friends.

8. Addiction to social networks

Addiction social network is the state you spend too much time up Facebook, Zalo, Twitter,… this addiction is not rare for the surprise of posts on social networks are addictive effect as cocaine. Moreover, the share about themselves with others on social networks also generate positive emotions that always make you want to updates all the time.

The new research suggests that up to 10% of social network users are addicted. Social networks if used too much, not only consume time but also cause you to think negative, self-deprecating and insomnia.

To limit the addiction social network, please delete the social networking app and turn off receive notifications from social networks on your phone.

9. Addiction to coffee

Each morning, you need coffee to stay awake and work efficiently? Addiction to coffee this can affect the cardiovascular, digestive system, or pregnancy of women. However, cai coffee not easy because you might feel anxious or have a headache when cut down this drink.

You get up from from the amount of coffee every day at the same time coffee more dilute by adding milk and ice to the coffee. You can also prepare lemon juice or a smoothie to drink in the at crave coffee.

10. Addiction that

You may already be addicted to it if you feel you need sex or watch porn movies continuously. You can also have more sex but still not feel satisfied, and can venture to have sex. Brains of sex addicts also activities similar to those addicted to drugs or addicted to gambling.

You need to restrict in alone, and often join social activities to avoid thinking about sex in my free time. You can also look to the therapist to be therapeutic psychologically.

Sometimes the addiction can you are suffering can come from habits or pleasures such as surfing social networking on the phone, exercising, or shopping. If these habits start affecting lives, you need a psychiatrist and relatives help you.

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