How To Braid Long Hair – 3 Steps

Everyone should change themselves in a positive way, starting from the simplest of which is your appearance. Forget long high hair or neat bun, try How To Braid Long Hair super nice below.

If you are asking yourself the question: "How do you change yourself?" So these are our very effective suggestions for long hair. These braids are not only simple, easy to perform, but also make them more feminine and extremely attractive.

How To Braid Long Hair

1. How to braid fishtail

Braided fishtail hair is one of the best ways to braid long hair. The longer the hair, the more beautiful the fishtail braid.

There are many ways to celebrate the fishtail, but the easiest way is to comb your hair smoothly and start Tet 3 or Tet 5 from the top of the head down.

- When braiding your hair, you divide the hair into 2 parts. Then divide these two sections into 4 strands and pull the rightmost curl to the left and pull the outermost curl to the right, repeating it all the way to the end and tying it with a rubber band.

- Finally, pull the braids loose to make the tied hair look softer and more feminine.

2. Chignon hairstyle deviated to the side

To braid the braid to the side you braid it from the right or left hair low to the opposite side, then roll the hair into a bun and use a fixed pin.

Looks simple but very beautiful.

3. Long braided bangs

Instead of spreading your hair out long, try changing your style with a bit of mischief in your hair. Long bangs can be like a fishbone or waterfall, but take less and simpler offline.

The girls face oval, slender V or plump lovely to be able to confidently shine with graceful bangs. Choose the right style of long bangs suitable for hair, not only helps your hair neat, comfortable to work, study but also helps you younger, more lovely every day.


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