How To Braid Front Hair – 4 Steps

The beautiful Tet holiday looks like a simple but also tricky thing that can make your face stand out and be more suitable for your outfit. Each How To Braid Front Hair is different giving us a unique look.

But all highlight the youthful and feminine, stylized style of the girls. Let's go to the beauty section of young women to refer to the hairstyle of young, beautiful bangs below to be able to find a suitable hairstyle for you.

How To Braid Front Hair

1. Chinese New Year with ponytail

The style of braiding the ponytail is a popular style nowadays.

How to do it: First you need to comb your hair neatly and work your bangs more forward. Then tie the back of the hair high into a ponytail.

- Tet holiday cross-hair part back gradually until the end. Pay attention to tighten your hair to make the braid look better.

- When braiding runs out of hair, you wrap braided hair around the ponytail behind, ring multiple times to wrap all braids. Then fix your hair with a pin, so you've finished this hairstyle already.

- Simple steps braiding bangs

2. Braiding bangs combined with feminine wave

This is one of the cute How To Braid Front Hair that helps create curly hair for very feminine braids.

How to do it: Comb your hair smoothly and only take part of the hair from the bangs to the ears. The rest of the hair is tossed aside and pinned to the back of neck by pin

- Tet holiday part of the hair was separated from the roof, just plaited just took the hair gradually toward the nape, plaited close to the scalp and use elastic to tie once braided through the ears. Use fixed pins to plait braids.

- Finally, you release the hair tied now and curling the tail you have a beautiful hairstyle right there.

3. Braided hairstyle with links

With a little dexterity, you have a beautiful bang hairstyle with a braided hairstyle.

How to do it: Smoothly comb your hair and spray a little glue to keep it in place.

- Take two small strands of hair from the roof and tie them together in a single knot to form the first link.

- Then you continue to take more hair and tie in turn hugging the head toward the nape and fix them with pins.

4. Feminine braided hairstyles

How To Braid Hair Front only need to perform a few simple steps is given.

How to do it: You comb your hair smoothly and take 3 small curls from your bangs. After that, braiding hair will gradually come back, while braiding will take more hair from above. Finally, when taking more hair at the top of the head, stop, use elastic to fix the braids.


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